Urban Preserves

The Urban Preserves Award is an award program through the IDA for small parks near or surrounded by large urban environs.  The park or open space MUST have promoted sensitive outdoor lighting in an effort to preserve their environment, despite the size, from unnecessary light at night, including but not limited to light trespass, glare, and skyglow. The award is designed to garner community support for environmentally responsible outdoor lighting within an urban setting.  Hence, an educational component must be included within the park. Additionally, a park or open space that incorporates a quality night sky or designates a sensitive wildlife refuge will receive preference in the program, although this is not required.

The Urban Preserve has been designed to recognize urban parks, open space, or observing sites whose planning and design actively promotes a more natural night sky but does not qualify for the International Dark Sky Park award.  

Objectives of the award:

  • to identify urban parks and preserves with exceptional commitment to and success in implementing the ideals of night sky preservation
  • to provide recognition for such preserves
  • to promote the ideals of the International Dark-Sky Association by encouraging urban parks, and communities in which these parks are located, to identify natural night skies as a valuable asset and goal.

This award is strengthened by support from your local IDA Chapter. To find out if there's a Chapter in your area, click here>>

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