The IDSC was conceived in 2001 to recognize communities that had taken extraordinary steps in preserving the natural night.

The IDSC designees must adhere to stringent standards that protect the natural night sky through outdoor lighting plans and ensure the continuation of this protection through planning and zoning directives.

The International Dark-Sky Association continues to accept applications from communities wishing to join in the ranks of communities working for towards the highest standards in lighting.

If you are interested in applying or learning more about the process please fill out this form.

Download the Guidelines

Download Chinese translation of the guidelines:
點擊此處下載指南: 黑暗的天空社區 (Dark Sky Community)

Download the IDA Model Lighting Ordinance

Chinese translation of the MLO: 
示範照明條例 (Model Lighting Ordinance)
Translation courtesy of IDA Beijing / Starry Sky Project of China


Release of Updates to IDSPlaces Guidelines

Updated guidelines for communities, parks, and reserves have been released. Please refer to these new guidelines when applying for designation.

If you are interested in developing or are currently developing an application for a location we encourage you to consider these new guidelines. Locations that are currently developing applications, and have made substantial progress (as approved by the IDA program manager) will have until 25 November 2013 to complete and submit their applications under the previous guidelines. The previous guidelines have been removed from the website but are available upon request. To submit under the previous guidelines you must have contact with the program manager and receive approval.

As part of the new guidelines bi-monthly submission deadlines will be set. These dates will be updated yearly. The deadlines represent the date that the applications (already reviewed and approved by the IDA program manager) will be sent to the committee. This year's dates are listed below:

Submission Deadline Dates:

27 January 2014
24 March 2014
26 May 2014
28 July 2014
22 September 2014
24 November 2014

Download the new guidelines:

For Certified IDSPlaces

Download the Borrego Springs, CA example annual report for Communities