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   These images were specifically chosen from our Dark Sky Places program. What a great way to show off your support for a natural night sky. This is an ongoing program and there is no time limit on putting in an application for your new card.  It will be a wonderful conversation starter as you are in line at the grocery store and someone sees your beautiful credit card.



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  • $50 initial donation to our cause
  • Earn 2% Cash rewards at most major gas and grocery merchants
  • Earn 1% Cash rewards on all other purchases
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IDA's Dark Sky Places Credit Card


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Photo by James Hilder

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Photo by Dave Wymer

Borrego Springs in Southern California  is the second International Dark Sky Community. Surrounded by the nearly 1,000 square mile Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, it offers an excellent example of what a dark sky can get you. On those rare occasions when the northern lights become active enough to reach southerly latitudes, truly dark locations like Borrego Springs make them visible to both eye and camera.


Scotland’s Galloway Forest Park is the first International Dark Sky Park in the United Kingdom and one of only two in Europe. Galloway Forest Park and Hungary’s Zselic National Landscape Protection Area were announced as Dark Sky Parks at IDA’s Annual General Meeting in November 2009. This breathtaking photograph by James Hilder, a member of the UK’s Campaign for Dark Skies, showcases the phenomenal views from Galloway. Dave Wymer’s photograph is a four hour exposure on Kodak E200 slide film showing the North Star, Polaris, in the center. Exposures this long would never be possible without the dark skies of Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania, USA.


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