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Science Watches on eBay sells three watches where 10% of the sales price goes to IDA. Look for the Astro watch, the Planisphere watch and the Astronomer watch in the Science Watches eBay store to help support dark skies.

eBay sellers can help support dark skies by giving a percentage of their sales to IDA.  eBay users can also make donations directly to IDA through the Donate Now feature, which lets anyone with a PayPal account donate to a nonprofit right away— without buying or selling anything. 

Photographer Jason Barnette is donating to IDA 20% of his print sales in his Star Fields and Star Trails galleries.



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Amazon sends us a small commission for purchases made by way of the IDA. We appreciate your support.

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Classical Music that Supports Dark Skies

Wings classical piano music by Margot DilmaghaniBeauty and Joy classical piano music by Margot Dilmaghani

Margot Dilmaghani of New York, a life-long Classical musician and environmental activist has offered her solo piano CD and her harp CD to help raise funds for IDA.
Her two CDs featured here and others on her website’s order page are available to IDA donors with a minimum contribution of $25 per CD. All costs for the CDs were underwritten, so IDA receives your entire donation. Your check is made payable to IDA and sent to Celebration Recordings, as described on the order page, linked below.

The CDs make wonderful gifts with a purpose and are lovely for any occasion.     
Click here for a link to the order form. 


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Dark Skies Apparel

As a Corporate Partner with the IDA, Dark Skies Apparel donates 2.5% of gross revenue to IDA on a quarterly basis. Please support our partners!



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