Honors & Awards


Since IDA's inception we have been honored with a number of awards. 
We thank those that have both nominated us and awarded us these prestigious distinctions.

 Photograph © Babak Amin Tafreshi  


Distinct Honors

2008 SASIE Award-- Innovative Use of Technology
The International Dark-Sky Association was awarded the 2008 Southern Arizona Smart Inspiring Enterprise (SASIE) Award for its Innovative Use of Technology. The prestigious SASIE Award, conducted by the Arizona Small Business Association, recognizes and honors outstanding organizations whose innovative, enterprising approach to business deserve special recognition.

2008 Governor's Special Recognition--Exemplary Use of Technology
Given to the International Dark-Sky Association by Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano.

2007 AzSAE Award--Excellence in Communication
The Arizona Society of Association Executives (AzSAE) selected the International Dark-Sky Association for the Award of Excellence in Communications for 2007.  The award was based on IDA's outstanding Nightscape publication, which was selected from a wide range of communications, including newsletters, journals, magazines, membership directories, brochures, Web sites, and videos.

2001 IESNA President’s Award
Dr. David L. Crawford, executive director of IDA, and Terry McGowan, IDA board member, each received the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America’s 2001 Presidential Award at the August meeting of IESNA in Ottawa, Canada.  Three of these awards were presented in total: the third was given to Louis Erhardt, a long-time writer and educator about good lighting.

2000 Heritage Preservation Award
The International Dark-Sky Association received a Heritage Preservation Award from the state of New Mexico.  “The award is in recognition of successful efforts to pass the Night Time Protection Act for New Mexico in the 1999 legislative session, thereby ensuring the cultural and environmental heritage of New Mexico’s night skies for present and future generations.”  It was signed by the governor, the secretary of state, the State Historic Preservation officer, and the chair of the Cultural Properties Review Committee. It was given at the 28th Annual New Mexico Heritage Preservation Awards ceremony on 2000 May 12 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Lylly Campins was in Santa Fe to receive the award on behalf of IDA and thank the state for the honor.  We greatly appreciate the state’s support and recognition of dark skies as a cultural resource.

Awards IDA Presents

Each year IDA grants a number of prestigious awards to individuals and organizations active in the fight to preserve our nighttime environment.  To view past recipients and nomination criteria for awards, please visit our Awards page.