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Success Stories

Young Man in Desert Landscape Looking up at Starry Sky and Milky Way

Image Credit: ESO/Babak Tafreshi

Recent Accomplishments

  • Our award-winning International Dark Sky Places program is more popular then ever. In 2015 we had another record breaking year. We designated 17 new Dark Sky Places, breaking 2014’s record of 13! In addition to breaking our record, it also was a year of firsts: first Dark Sky Sanctuary, first Dark Sky Park in Asiafirst Dark Sky “Nation,first Dark Sky Park in the Netherlands and first privately-owned Dark Sky Park. We now nearly five dozen Dark Sky Places across the globe.
  • IDA’s innovative Parks and Protected Areas Program is taking off. We partnered with lighting manufacturers and provided nearly 400 inexpensive or free eco-friendly lights in 2015 to parks across the U.S.
  • We continue to help cities pass dark sky lighting ordinances by working with city planners and elected officials. Currently, we are working with the city of Malibu, California, to write and adopt a dark sky ordinance.
  • Currently, we are working to once again revise our Fixture Seal of Approval program criteria to better reflect changing technologies.
  • The first phase of our Florida sea turtle habitat restoration project is completed. We conducted lighting surveys of nearly 100 miles of Florida coastline and provided lighting plans to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Once the new lighting is installed, we’ll survey the areas again to ensure appropriate lighting is place and sea turtle nesting habitats are protected.

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