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5 Ways to Celebrate Dark Sky Week!

5 Ways to Celebrate Dark Sky Week! Thumbnail

1. During International Dark Sky Week, get together with friends and family and go outside at night. A lot of us don’t take the opportunity to experience the nighttime environment. Go outside, look up and… Read More

Dark Skies Over the Bears Ears

Dark Skies Over the Bears Ears Thumbnail

Guest Post by Stewart Aitchison Most of the proposed 1.9 million-acre Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah is blessed with extraordinary dark skies. For at least 12,000 years, from paleo-hunter/gatherers to modern farmers, ranchers… Read More

Take Action: Protect The ‘Bears Ears’ of Southern Utah

Take Action: Protect The ‘Bears Ears’ of Southern Utah Thumbnail

Large stretches of U.S. territory that still experience natural nighttime darkness are now few in number, and they shrink every year due to encroaching development. You can help save the dark night skies over one… Read More

Be Part of the Global Debate On LEDs

Light pollution in New York City. Photo by Jim Richardson.

For the past five years, IDA has sounded the alarm about the environmental and health impacts of blue-rich white light-emitting diode (LED) street lighting that is replacing older technologies in cities across the globe. Recently… Read More

Act Now to Preserve the Grand Canyon Area Night Skies

Act Now to Preserve the Grand Canyon Area Night Skies Thumbnail

We need your help! You’ve probably heard the exciting news that Grand Canyon National Park has been designated a Dark Sky Park! Well, right now there is a rare opportunity to extend night sky protections to… Read More

Return Eagle Mountain Lands to Joshua Tree National Park!

Joshua Tree National Park at sunset with cactus in foreground.

International Dark Sky Association Alert Take Action by May 27, 2016! A sample letter is provided below.  In October 2015 we called on you to support the designation of the proposed Mojave Trails, Sand to… Read More

You’re Never too Young (or Old) to Become a Dark Sky Advocate

Shadow of hands forming a heart with the Milky Way in the background

By high school senior and dark sky advocate Jessica Elliott When I was in the third grade, my class took a trip to a wetlands to see the way Earth is interconnected with the animals… Read More

Arizona E-Billboard Expansion Defeated

Arizona E-Billboard Expansion Defeated Thumbnail

We are pleased to announce the defeat of Arizona House Bill 2507, which would have expanded the allowable range of electronic billboards in the state. Sponsored by State Rep. Sonny Borrelli of Lake Havasu City… Read More

New National Monuments Protect Southern California Dark Skies

New National Monuments Protect Southern California Dark Skies Thumbnail

Last fall, we asked you to contact President Barack Obama and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to voice support for the designation of three new National Monuments in the southern California desert: Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow and Castle Mountain. We are… Read More

How to Enact a Lighting Ordinance

A picture of the word "ordinance" in the dictionary.

By  Guest Writer Bob Gent Many of us are aware of the serious problems from light pollution. Blinding glare is a safety problem, light in your bedroom window disrupts sleep, bright lights disorient wildlife, there… Read More