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5 Ways to Celebrate Dark Sky Week!

5 Ways to Celebrate Dark Sky Week! Thumbnail

1. During International Dark Sky Week, get together with friends and family and go outside at night. A lot of us don’t take the opportunity to experience the nighttime environment. Go outside, look up and… Read More

5 Popular Myths About LED Streetlights

Streetlights on city street at night create glare making it hard to see.

The rapid changes in LED lighting technology have given rise to an LED retrofit revolution. Across the globe, municipalities are opting to switch out their older street lighting to new, more energy-efficient LEDs. Unfortunately, these… Read More

Eyes In The Sky: Exploring Global Light Pollution With Satellite Maps

Eyes In The Sky: Exploring Global Light Pollution With Satellite Maps Thumbnail

Billions of people around the world routinely experience light pollution in the form of skyglow, the ever-present “haze” of light over cities at night. It comes from light on the ground scattering in the atmosphere… Read More

5 Appalling Facts about Light Pollution

Light pollution in Los Angeles obscures the night sky.

  The sky glow of Los Angeles is visible from an airplane 200 miles away. Residents of L.A. haven’t been able to see the stars for a while. In fact some city dwellers don’t even… Read More

The Importance of Awe

The Importance of Awe Thumbnail

The “11th emotion” got many of us into astronomy. Can children today still experience it? Guest post by William Sheehan, courtesy of Sky & Telescope While struggling in abject poverty in Nashville after the Civil… Read More

What Do Dark Skies Mean to You?

What Do Dark Skies Mean to You? Thumbnail

Guest Post by Emma Marrington, senior rural policy campaigner for Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) When was the last time you experienced a truly dark, star-filled night sky, even in the countryside? Or saw the… Read More

Three Surprising Creatures Affected by Light Pollution

Three Surprising Creatures Affected by Light Pollution Thumbnail

Every year we see lots of new research on the effect of artificial light at night on various types of wildlife. Many of us know of the impact of light pollution on wildlife such as… Read More

5 Species Threatened by Light Pollution

Light pollution over Chicago

  5. Sea Turtles Sea turtles live in the ocean but hatch on the beach at night. Hatchlings find their way to the sea by detecting the bright horizon over the ocean. Artificial lights can… Read More

AMA Report Affirms Human Health Impacts from LEDs

This photo shows the divide between East and West Berlin that is still visible at night from space. On the left are the gas lamps of the West and on the right, the orange high-pressure sodium lamps of the East, with a stark contrast between them. The image is a powerful reminder that lighting choices made by city planners are long lasting.

A groundbreaking report recently released by the American Medical Association (AMA) Council on Science and Public Health affirms known and suspected impacts to human health and the environment caused by light emitting diodes (LEDs) that… Read More

80% of World Population Lives Under Skyglow, New Study Finds

World map of artificial sky brightness. Image from the new "World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness."

A groundbreaking new study documenting light pollution across the globe finds that more than 80 percent of the world’s population lives under light polluted skies. The United States and Europe have it even worse, with… Read More