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3 Insects Affected by Light Pollution

3 Insects Affected by Light Pollution Thumbnail

If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos. — Naturalist E… Read More

5 Appalling Facts about Light Pollution

Light pollution in Los Angeles obscures the night sky.

  The sky glow of Los Angeles is visible from an airplane 200 miles away. Residents of L.A. haven’t been able to see the stars for a while. In fact some city dwellers don’t even… Read More

Three Surprising Creatures Affected by Light Pollution

Three Surprising Creatures Affected by Light Pollution Thumbnail

Every year we see lots of new research on the effect of artificial light at night on various types of wildlife. Many of us know of the impact of light pollution on wildlife such as… Read More

5 Species Threatened by Light Pollution

Light pollution over Chicago

  5. Sea Turtles Sea turtles live in the ocean but hatch on the beach at night. Hatchlings find their way to the sea by detecting the bright horizon over the ocean. Artificial lights can… Read More

Happy Earth Day (and Night!)

A ying yang symbol, with one representing day and the other night and the text "Because every day needs a night."

Earth Day was started in 1970 to celebrate the intricate beauty of Earth and raise awareness about the importance of its environmental protection. The global annual event is observed on April 22 and is now… Read More

Little Penguins Waddling on the Dark Side

Little Penguins Waddling on the Dark Side Thumbnail

By guest writer Airam Rodríguez, a postdoctoral researcher at Phillip Island Nature Parks, Australia, and Estación Biológica de Doñana CSIC, Spain Visible light on Earth largely comes from the sun and varies daily, even at night… Read More

Join Us for Our Google+ Hangout “Light Pollution’s Effect on Wildlife”

Owl sitting on a branch.

As part of the International Year of Light Cosmic Light theme, IDA has been holding Google Hangouts with world-renown experts on light pollution issues. Join us live for the fourth in our series, “Light Pollution’s Effect… Read More