Specifier Bulletin




for Dark Sky Applications


Specifier bulletins were developed to offer the latest information on dark sky products, policites, or specifications to lighting professionals.

Volume 3: Issue 1:  Achievements in High Brightness White LEDs

This issue recognizes High Brightness White LED products that are breaking through the currently perceived limitations on LEDs by combining efficacy and quality of light. Five LED manufacturers who are creating  products that emit a relatively high amount of long wavelength light without sacrificing current efficacy metrics are showing that this combination can be achieved with success.

Volume 1: Issue 3:  Introducing The Dark Sky Friendly Device

This issue will introduce the Dark Sky Friendly Device, a new class of products that help reduce light pollution. It also features an innovative dark sky solution for aircraft avoidance of tall structures and other aerial hazards.

Volume 1: Issue 2:  Environmentally Responsible, Architecturally Appealing, Area Lighting

This issue features an innovative dark sky solution for general area lighting applications, including parking areas, walkways, and even wall lighting; The Aria Family of Lighting Fixtures from Visionaire Lighting.

Volume 1: Issue 1: Service Station Canopy Lighting

This premier issue features an innovative dark sky solution for service station canopy lighting, suitable for new and retrofit installations; The Crossover Solid State Lighting System from LSI Industries, Inc.