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As a member of IDA, you have access to exclusive discounts, updates, and tools. Your commitment to the nighttime environment is already making a difference in the visibility of stars in IDA designated areas such as Galloway Forest Park, Scotland and Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania. Please enjoy these materials reserved for the use of your member network, and help make dark skies a reality in your neck of the woods!



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Just for fun! The Interactive Sky Viewer, courtesy of Sky & Telescope, will revolutionalize your star seeking experience. This user-friendly software can be used to replicate the night sky on any date in any location. Simply enter your zip code and time zone and the date of the viewing. Timing can be fine-tuned up to one hour! Print out a customized chart from home before camping trips or star parties. Identifying the mysteries of the night sky has never been this easy! 

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Want to do more to protect the night sky? Consider founding a Chapter in your area. Regional Chapters range from organized groups with elected officers to one person designated as a point of contact for a specific geographical area.

IDA Chapter leaders are some of the stars of the dark sky movement. The focus of any chapter can reflect personal interests. You can focus on legislation, like IDA Northwest leader Dave Ingram, who is working with the WA State congress to pass a statewide light pollution law, or you can work with local businesses like Dark Sky North Georgia leader Jim Reaves, whose outreach to a local Dollar General led to lighting redesigns for 4,600 Dollar General stores nationwide. Whatever your passion or your experience level, IDA will work with you to help promote smart lighting in your area. You will also become part of a network of volunteer leaders who routinely make the exceptional a reality.

Nite Net is an insider peridocal for Chapter leaders. Check it out for the latest volunteer tips and Chapter news!

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