IDA Presentations

These presentations are reference materials for IDA members. Please cite appropriate credits when using these materials.  

IDA Basic Talk

This is the basic light pollution presentation, "Introduction to Light Pollution." As members you may download this presentation free of charge.  You may also make changes and additions to it, with information unique to your area/region. Notes and photo credits are included.


Retrofit Poster

Richard Norman, Dark Skies Representative for the Von Braun Astronomical Society in Alabama, USA, created a poster showing the visual and cost differences between a 100W Mercury lamp and a 70W HPS fixture with full shielding. Open poster >>

New Featured Presentation

The Arkansas Section has put together a new power point presentation, "Protecting the Night Environment."  As members of IDA you are welcome to use this presentation.  Clearly, any slides that are specific to Arkansas can be substituted for information relevant to your region.




Technical Presentation

Induction and LED Lights

with audio!

The wavelength emitted by a light source dictates color rendition and visual perception. Lights with shorter wavelengths (higher CCT) are more easily seen by humans, but may also have negative environmental effects, like enhanced sky glow. More research into the effects of different types of light is necessary before any conclusion can be reached.  

IDA Managing Director Pete Strasser explores the CCT of different fixtures and how CCT fits into energy saving and control options in LED and Induction lamps.  Watch presentation >>

Light Pollution and Wildlife

A presentation by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory in an Educational Session on the International Year of Astronomy 2009.


Light Pollution and Boating Safety

Courtesy of Johnny Noles and the Citizens for Responsible Lighting.

Lighting 101

A talk by Dr. David L. Crawford, IDA.