Animals of the Night

Animals of the Night
Eyes That Light up at Night by Anjali Chandrashekar-India
The International Dark-Sky Association’s 2007 Animals of the Night art contest and exhibit asked kids to research their favorite nocturnal animals, how they live in their nighttime environment, and how they are affected by light pollution. The children then drew pictures of their chosen animals.

Winner Anjali Chandrashekar, of Tamilnadu, India, was selected for her the impact, effectiveness, and originality of her drawing. Her beautiful illustration of a night owl was accompanied by a poem that Anjali wrote:

Confused by the blinding light
Do not take pity on their plight
They are ‘animals of the night’
They want to live in peace and quiet

The Animals of the Night exhibit was held March 4–6, 2007, at the Doubletree Hotel at Reid Park in Tucson, Arizona, during the IDA annual meeting.