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Check out our interactive calendar below to find light pollution conferences – such as IDA’s Annual General Meeting, the European Symposium for the Protection of the Night Sky and the Artificial Light at Night conference – star parties and other related events.

Our Calendar of Events is color-coded

  • Green: IDA general events
  • Blue: Events and deadlines associated with International Dark Sky Places
  • Yellow: External events such as star parties, trade shows, and light pollution conferences

Click on an item to see details about the event. For more information about IDA’s Annual General Meeting, go to our AGM page. For more information about Dark Sky Week visit our Dark Sky Week pageNote that all calendar item dates and times are specified in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). In the detailed descriptions for each item, the local calendar date and time are given.

If you have an appropriate event you would like IDA to consider adding here, please email the calendar manager.

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