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Nightscape93 Cover
Cover photo by ESO Photo Ambassador and
The World at Night (TWAN) founder Babak Tafreshi
during the ESO Ultra High Definition Expedition.
See story on page 2 (credit: ESOB. Tafreshi).


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Nightscape #93



Our latest issue of Nightscape is sporting a new look and chock-full of great content. The cover story, “Catching the Cosmos: Pioneering Photo Expedition Delivers Impressive Images,” brings you eye-catching photography from the European Southern Observatory Ultra High Definition Expedition. Learn about Chile’s innovative new outdoor lighting policy, the latest in light pollution research, IDA updates and much more.


Also In This Issue

  • A special letter from the IDA President of the Board of Directors
  • Catching the Cosmos: A pioneering photo expedition delivers impressive images
  • Chile Gets Rid of the Blues: First national lighting policy to address color content
  • More Energy Efficient Lighting, More Light Pollution?: New light pollution study brings disturbing results
  • Shedding Light: UK Study finds local governments can do more to fight light pollution
  • Artificial Light at Night Conference Returns in September
  • IDA Welcomes 5 New International Dark Sky Places
  • Save Our Stars Kits are on the Way
  • Two Dark Sky Reserves, Two Hemispheres, One Friendship
  • Exciting Dark Sky Conference in August
  • International Dark Sky Week 2014, a Great Success
  • IDA Takes the Dark Sky Message on the Road
  • IDA Chapter News
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