Outdoor Lighting

mb-goodfixture01-Outdoor_Lighting   Outdoor lighting can vary in meaning from one person to the next. To a homeowner, it might mean glare reduction for better visibility or determining how to ask their neighbor to aim their flood lights down instead of into their bedroom window. For a commercial property owner or city planner, it might mean gaining energy efficiency and reducing their energy costs. An environmentalist may have a goal of reducing light pollution and protecting delicate ecosystems; while to a lighting manufacturer, it means producing the best possible fixture that makes them viable in the marketplace.
   In an effort to encourage proper installation and usage of outdoor lighting, the International Dark Sky Association has developed programs to assist in the development of shielded light fixtures through the FSA program. In addition to the FSA program, we also provide information for homeowners and commercial property owners on the importance of using proper lighting fixtures. A combined practice by professional installers, housing residents, and commercial property owners in the initial placement or replacement of fixtures is a key component in reversing the negative effects of light pollution.

   In addition, this section also provides research, sample lighting ordinances, and regulations to assist local governments with their lighting regulations.

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