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These links provide access to a compilation of multimedia discussing the topic of light pollution. IDA has attempted to provide credit for the works cited below.  To add your PSA, video, book, or other form of multimedia please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please note that IDA will NOT accept media with inappropriate or vulgar topics and/or language.  Inclusion of media on this page is at the discretion of the IDA staff



Become a lighting designer and see how lamp choice makes a difference in nighttime viewing through this interactive simulation from

The need-less campaign reduces light pollution through a variety of innovative media. Visit the need-less site for more outstanding concepts, including posters and photography.

WorldWide Telescope

Tour the galaxy through the WorldWide Telescope project.

News Clips Featuring IDA Staff, Members, and Associates

 IDA Board member Debra Norvil provides an interview for WTTW.

August 24, 2010 Some Chicago envrionmentalists want to turn down the external lights at night so that we can see something we haven't seen in years—the stars. We show you how they say it can happen. © WTTW


Maine Watch with Jennifer Brooks, MPBN Television, 03 April, 2009 (26:45) IDA Maine Section Leader Martha Sheils and member Robert Burgess were interviewed in depth on Maine Public Broadcast TV in an extended segment on light pollution. 


Midnight Movie: Does Las Vegas Care about their Light Pollution? KCET's 'Social Connected' asks Dan Duriscoe about Las Vegas lights in Death Valley, NV (10 March, 2009)

How to Reduce Light Pollution on GreenerBusiness Show featuring Starry Night Lights

Light Pollution produced by Vail Plum TV, Narrated by IDA Colorado Section Leader Dr. Robert Stence

  Measuring Light Pollution in Skies Around Boston - WBZ TV Boston, Reported by Mish Michaels, 31 October, 2008 (2:26) IDA member Bernie Kosicki of Acton, MA, USA and board member Kelly Beatty offer their insights on light pollution in a local news segment.


Dark Sky - VVHTV (14 March, 2008) 30 minute documentary style production featuring Susan Harder, Section leader of IDA New York


News Clips on Light Pollution

Op-Ed: In the Dark by Ian Cheney and Emily Bolevice, The New York Times, 19 November, 2008.

How We Do It: Energy Conservation through More Efficient Public Lighting Europarltv's Your Voice, Sweden and the Czech Republic are pioneering schemes for more energy-saving lights on the motorway and in public hearings. 28 October, 2008

Nighttime Lights from the International Space Station

City Lights Cancel Out the Stars The Wall Street Journal, Video  narrated by columnist Robert Lee Hotz 



 Fines Aim to Clean Light Pollution from Night Sky - KOB TV New Mexico 03 April, 2009 (2:09) New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson signed legislation giving the Night Sky Protection Act some new teeth--in the form of fines for people who violate it. Read the Act >>


Upcoming Feature Films

The City Dark by Wicked Delicate Films

Outside In by SV2 Studios 





KOLD News 13 Go Green

Commercial Against Light Pollution from skymanfede. Produced by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC)




    You Tube Videos



Geoffrey Notkin from the Science Channel's "Meteorite Men" speaks on the importance of dark skies.




Light Pollution and Night Sky Quality (3:55) IDA member Francesco Giubbilini illustrates limiting magnitude classifications in a short, easy to understand slideshow.

Fundamentals of Better Lighting from Dark Skies Northwest

Sidewalk Astronomy & Light Pollution from starwalk33 Produced by IDA Chicago

Aktion «Licht aus» - Lichtverschmutzung from Jetdroid.  Produced by Dark Sky Switzerland


Accendiamo le stelle! (Let's light up the stars) an experiment of light shields by frazube (in Italian with English subtitles)




 International Year of Astronomy 2009

Light Pollution: The Problem... from pjholl

light pollution - full quality from ArtOtaku

Light Pollution from meskigirly

Light Pollution - Effecting the Night Sky from tessalia87

Ant: Light Pollution from pinkyshow

Light Pollution - bleah! from kwakhed23

Wasteful Lighting from LightingPolice


Retro Video by IDA 

Protecting the Night (10:32) Produced by IDA Staff, Narrated by Jay Shadler

Radio Shows

American Public Media

Flagstaff's skies in "A Prairie Home Companion" Listen here >>


National Public Radio (NPR)




Marketplace National Public Radio (NPR): (20 June, 2008)
Advocates of dark skies, including IDA’s Pete Strasser, want the government to do something about light pollution at night. Janet Babin looks into who gets most annoyed by street lamps and what they're doing to help prevent a yellow haze.

Here and Now National Public Radio (NPR): IDA Interview: Lights Out" (17 October, 2007) 

IDA Technical Advisor Pete Strasser discusses light pollution problems and solutions on National Public Radio with Here & Now host Robin Young.

Other Radio Stations


Think KERA Radio: -  Light Pollution - "The End of Night" (10 November, 2008)

Pete Strasser discusses good lighting, good neighbors, and good ecological practices in an hour-long interview with Krys Boyd.

Please Explain Light Pollution Leonard Lopate Show:  (08 August, 2008) 

IDA's Pete Strasser discusses quality lighting on WNYC Radio. 


Distillations Chemical Heritage Foundation: Radio Show (13 June, 2008)

Segment shines the light on skyglow from HPS and LPS luminaires. 




365 Days of Astronomy Podcasts


Red Light and Night Vision - 4 August  
Dark Skies Crusader Sheds Light on Light Pollution - 21 March 

A Ceremony Celebrating Dark Skies - 19 November
Great Light Switch Out by the International Dark Sky Association - 24 October
The Scenery of the Night - 25 August
International Dark Sky Parks & Reserves – Just in Time for Summer Vacation! - 16 June
Back to the Dark Ages: Responsible Nighttime Lighting - 16 May
Educational Outreach Activities and Materials for Dark Skies Awareness - 02 February

See Podcasts >>

More Podcasts

Astronomy Magazine: Podcast Interview (16 August, 2007) 

Former IDA Board President Bob Gent discusses how to fight light pollution at home.



Sky Glow and the Missing Milky Way: Darkness with Audrey Fischer (13:00)by "The Little Green People Show" in affiliation with the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and the Chicago Academy of Sciences




Featured: Paul Bogard's "Let There Be Night: Testimony on Behalf of the Dark" 2008 University of Nevada Press

"There Once Was A Sky Full of Stars" by Bob Crelin and illustrated by Amie Ziner, 2007 Sky Publishing

"At Day's Close: Night in Times Past" by A. Roger Ekirch, 2006 W. W. Norton

"Acquainted with the Night: Excursions Through the World After Dark" by Christopher Dewdney, 2005 Bloomsbury USA.  Read the review in Nightscape Issue 68/69.  (Must be a member and logged in to view this).

"Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting" edited by C. Rich & T. Longcore, 2005 Island Press.

"The Outermost House; A Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod" by Henry Beston,  2003 Holt Paperbacks.  Read the IDA review in Nightscape Issue 70.  (Must be a member and logged in to view this).

"Light Pollution: Responses and Remedies" by Bob Mizon, 2001 Springer.

Also visit the IDA Reports & Studies page if you are interested in more scientific literature.

Das Ende Der Nacht (The End of Night)

by Thomas Posch, Anja Freyhoff, Thomas UhlmannThis book looks at the global consequences of light pollution. It is the first German language book summarizing the problematic aspects of artificial outdoor lights and how their nearly exponential increase has shaped the last century. Includes current information in an understandable format. 

Read more in German >>

in English >