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 Sky Chart 

Courtesy of Sky & Telescope magazine


Interactive Sky Viewer*


Welcome to your personalized tour of the sky! Sky and Telescope's Mobile Sky Chart  allows you to create a star map of any location, worldwide, at any time of night, every day of the year. 

This interactive application displays the sky in two ways: the Horizon View simulates a naked-eye panoramic scene of a given piece of sky, the All-Sky Chart displays the entire sky currently visible in your location. 

Connecting lines help identify constellations. The 26 brightest stars in the sky are named to offer additional orientation. Become a sky expert and enjoy this informative guide as you explore the view from your own backyard. 

Easy to Use

To personalize the Mobile Sky Chart, simply click on the "Change" button and type your city, state (if applicable) and country information into the provided field options. For the most updated display, make sure you enter the correct time. 

NOTE: You may have to temporarily enable pop-up windows in order to enter your information. 

To create your Printable Daily Star Chart, click on "Create PDF" at the lower left corner of the 360º sky display after entering your time and location data. 


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*Requires Java