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Press & General Inquiries

W. Scott Kardel
Public Affairs Director
520 293 3198 x 402
wskardel (at) darksky (dot) org

Policy and Legislation Inquiries

Bob Parks
Executive Director
202 684 7090
bparks (at) darksky (dot) org

Technical Inquiries

Matt Root
IDA Technical Advisor
520 293 3198
matt (at) darksky (dot) org


If you would like to sign up for press updates, e-news, and our press release service please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +01 (520) 293 3198.


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Lighting in San Diego

A panel discussion at the 2007
Annual General Meeting.  

(Panelists include from left to right: S. Kardel, C. Fox, and P. Ericson)

Co-founders, President of the Board of Directors and Executive Director

  • Dr. David L. Crawford and Dr. Tim Hunter, IDA Co-founders
  • Rpbert Wagner, President of the Board of Directors
  • Robert Parks, Executive Director, Washington, DC office of Public Policy and Government Affairs


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