Homeowners Guide


The guide is designed as a compilation of materials for quick reference for residential lighting.  

The IDA Homeowner's Guide to Quality Outdoor Lighting is now available as Practical Guide 3: Residential Lighting, the Good Neighbor Guide

General tips on household efficiency:

The Practical Guide for Lighting to Reduce Light Pollution and Save Energy by ASTROLab du Mont Megantic.

Quick Outdoor Lighting Tips:

Remember when switching to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, you will not need the same wattage as when using an Incandescent.  Help preserve dark skies by not over lighting an area because of a simple miscalculation. 

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency's EnergyStar program have contributed the following table to assist in CFL conversions.

More information is available at the EnergyStar Web site.


Incandescent Light Bulbs Minimum Light Output CFL - EnergyStar Qualified Bulbs
Watts Lumens Watts
40 450 9-13
60 800 13-15
75 1,100 18-25
100 1,600 23-30
150 2,600 30-52