Losing the Dark Campaign- Thank You!

LosingTheDarkPOSTER smThe IDA Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the “Losing the Dark” planetarium show was successful with the support of many people.

We would like to recognize the people that made sharing the topic of light pollution with so many more people possible. Below you will find the names of many of the contributors. Names not listed are recognized as anonymous donors. We thank you all for your steadfastness and vision in spreading the word about light pollution.

Dark Sky Defender Sponsor Advocate Supporter
Joseph Orr Kathryn A. Gorges Maison Orion Gary Lazich
  James R. Callens Jeanne Raines Sebastien Giguere
  Robert Mulholland Jonathan A. Brier Melissa Pilar
  Daryl Jewell Matthew Emerick  
    Karrie Berglund  
    Carol Biesemeyer