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Honor & Tribute Gifts

Commemorative, Memorial and Gift Memberships

Here are several ways to honor friends and loved ones who share your commitment to preserving night skies for future generations, while also providing critical financial support to IDA.

Commemorative Gifts

What better way to support IDA’s work than by making a donation to honor a special event, such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday for a friend or loved one? IDA will send a letter of acknowledgement on your behalf to those being honored with your gift.

Memorial Gifts

Giving a memorial gift in memory of a loved one not only affirms your commitment to protecting night skies, but also recognizes that this passion for protecting our starry skies was shared by your loved one.

Gift Memberships

Why spend and time and energy running around looking for a gift that may just end up on the shelf? Memberships to IDA not only make a great gift for a loved one’s birthday, graduation, wedding or other special occasion, but they also provide important financial support to our programs and work.

To make a Commemorative Gift, Memorial Gift or Gift Membership, please contact Susan Ciarniello at or 520.293.3198.