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Call for 2021 Award Nominations

Call for 2021 Award Nominations Image

Milky Way reflections off the pools in Badwater Basin after a fresh rainfall in Death Valley, CA, USA by Chris Olivias. Submitted as part of IDA’s 2020 Capture the Dark Photography Contest.

Do you know a dark sky advocate who deserves recognition for their work protecting the night from light pollution? Whether they have dedicated decades to reducing light pollution, brought innovative dark sky solutions to the lighting industry, or are an up-and-coming defender of the dark, the International Dark-Sky Association would like to celebrate their commitment to the dark sky movement! 

The IDA Awards Committee is pleased to invite nominations for the 2021 IDA Awards. Each year, the organization recognizes and celebrates the incredible achievements of individuals and groups committed to our mission to protect the night from light pollution. 

“The Dark Sky movement is growing and fast. Awareness is building worldwide about the damage that light pollution causes and individuals, groups, and governments on all continents are engaged in the hard work of protecting the night sky,” said IDA Awards Committee Chair James Lowenthal. “Last year, the Awards Committee got more than twice as many nominations for awards as the year before and had some tough choices to make: there were so many tremendous efforts represented ranging from school children in Ireland to retirees in New Zealand who are life-long advocates for dark skies. It’s very inspiring to read all those great nominations, and it’s a pleasure to be able to recognize some of that hard work with IDA awards.”

The nomination period is open through July 20, 2021. The IDA Awards Committee will review nominations and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors for ratification. Awards will be announced by October 15. Each awardee receives a personalized award and one-year complimentary membership to IDA.

Learn more about each award category here and submit a nomination here

The 2021 Award categories are: 

  • Crawford/Hunter Lifetime Achievement Award for pioneering leadership in protecting the night sky and reducing light pollution.
  • Hoag/Robinson Award for outstanding work in educating governmental organizations, businesses, and the public about the merits of outdoor lighting control ordinances.
  • Galileo Award in recognition of outstanding achievements in research or academic work on light pollution over a multiple-year period.
  • Lighting Design and Technological Innovation Award for quality outdoor lighting.
  • Dark Sky Defender Award in appreciation and recognition of individuals and/or organizations’ exceptional efforts to promote and advance the mission and programs of IDA to preserve night skies on each of the six inhabited continents.
  • Rising Star Award in honor of a student of any grade level who demonstrates enthusiasm for and commitment to dark sky efforts.
  • Bob Gent Community Leadership Award in recognition of exceptional leadership in outreach and education programs or natural nighttime awareness.
  • Nocturnal Habitat Protection Award recognizing those whose actions have been instrumental to the conservation of substantial nocturnal habitat.
  • International Dark Sky Place of the Year in recognition of exceptional achievement to an IDSP that has been established for at least three years.

Who do you know that should receive an IDA Award for their role in the dark sky movement? Learn more about our award categories and submit a nomination today.

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