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The International Dark-Sky Association works to protect the night skies for present and future generations.

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Desengano State Park, Managed by Inea, Becomes the First International Dark Sky Park in Latin America

The night sky above Desengano State Park.

SANTA MARIA MADALENA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — Desengano State Park (PED), administered by the State Environmental Institute (Inea), achieved an unprecedented title in Latin America: the nomination of the protected area as an International […] Read more

Q&A with IDA Delegate Carol Redford from Western Australia

Q&A with IDA Delegate Carol Redford from Western Australia Image

Each month the International Dark-Sky Association features an IDA Advocate from the worldwide network of volunteers who are working to protect the night in a feature called ‘Monthly Star.’ This month we’re highlighting the work […] Read more

3 New Books About Dark Skies On Our Reading List

3 New Books About Dark Skies On Our Reading List Image

Whether to spark a child’s imagination or educate and inspire an adult to take action against light pollution, books are a fantastic tool in the fight to protect the night. So naturally, we’re always on […] Read more

Globe at Night 2022: Can You See the Stars?

Globe at Night 2022: Can You See the Stars? Image

Every year, the Globe at Night international community science campaign raises awareness about the impact of light pollution by inviting community scientists to measure and submit night sky brightness observations. All you need is a computer, tablet, […] Read more


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