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The International Dark-Sky Association’s Brand Partners are dedicated members of the dark-sky protection community from the corporate and business sectors. They support programs, outreach, education, and night-sky conservation efforts on many fronts. We offer our Brand Partners customized packages, media exposure, IDA program underwriting opportunities, and much more.

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We are grateful to the following Brand Partners for their continued and loyal support*:

Leading Partners

Musco leads the world in sports and transportation/infrastructure lighting, designing LED solutions for everything from neighborhood fields, to major stadiums and arenas, to international airports . Musco is proud to support the IDA and the protection of dark skies.

Guiding Partners

Grand Canyon National Park Lodge Grand Canyon National Park Lodges is the primary provider of in-park lodging at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon—one of the world’s premier destinations for more than a century. As part of Xanterra Parks and Resorts Grand Canyon National Park Lodges manages six distinctive hotel properties. Their company has been a Guiding Partner with IDA for four years and their $20,000 commitment supports IDA programs and operation. As Director of Sustainability David Perkins explains, “Our commitment to IDA is one of the many efforts to protect the beautiful places where Xanterra operates.” The Grand Canyon earned provisional certification as a Dark Sky Park in 2016.
Under Canvas began in 2012 with a camp in West Yellowstone, dedicated to connecting guests with the outdoors and to each other through experiences in nature. It has since grown to include nine luxury glamping locations and customized pop-up glamping experiences. A leader in upscale, outdoor hospitality, Under Canvas has claimed awards from the likes of Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure as the best resorts in the US and indeed, the world.

Since  1724, the House of Rémy  Martin has been cultivating the lands of Charente, in France.  Resulting from the prestigious terroirs of the Grande and  Petite  Champagne,  its cognacs have remarkable aging potential. The exclusive selection of grapes that form the heart and soul of the cognac, combined with the unique know-how of the cellar masters, creates an unparalleled intensity of flavor.  With  Rémy  Martin and  Louis  XIII,  the  House pursues a single ambition: revealing the talents of nature and man by striving to capture the essence of cognac.

In alignment with its strong environmental values, the House of Rémy Martin is an enthusiastic proponent of dark sky places. Their association with the night sky dates back to one of their early directors. An avid astronomer, he chose Sagitarrius for Rémy Martin’s logo, in 1870.

Sustaining Partners

You don’t go to Death Valley because abundant life flourishes there. This is exactly why an oasis in the middle of it is so special. Only here can you enjoy two distinct hotel experiences – the historic, serene, and peaceful Four Diamond Inn at Death Valley and the family-friendly, adventure-focused Ranch at Death Valley – the energetic epicenter of this True American Oasis. The Oasis at Death Valley sits in the heart of Death Valley National Park, which is designated as the largest International Dark Sky Park in the world by the International Dark-Sky Association. The Oasis is owned by Xanterra Travel Collection which operates with a commitment to “legendary hospitality with a softer footprint.”
ytn_logo-13 Your True Nature began creating eco-friendly products and programs in 1993 after founder Ilan Shamir received sage advice from a tree: Stand tall and proud. Remember your roots. Enjoy the view! From there, Ilan and his daughter, Laurel, have worked side by side to help the company branch out and reach new horizons. Their story is rooted in caring for the earth, creating new advice, planting trees, and using heart-tickling inspiration and wisdom to celebrate the beauty of nature and human nature. Your True Nature has been an IDA supporter since 2010 and has contributed $15,000+ to support IDA’s night sky protection.

Ally Partners

Deneb designs bespoke journeys and events catering to the global community of conscious explorers looking for deeper knowledge, culture, and purpose. Its portfolio of adventures and calendar of events includes astronomy-centric activities. From the Pacific Ocean to the Americas, the organization crafts programs with and for astronomers, astrophotographers, and other lovers of the mystery and poetry of the night. Deneb was founded in 2019 by the leadership of Atelier LaPaz, a sustainable tourism development company that pioneered heritage conservation tourism in Central America 25 years ago and that has, since its origin, acted for the preservation of our dark skies.
Selux offers an extensive range of architectural light fixtures including solar-powered and dark sky-certified luminaires designed to help lighting professionals and architects create interior and exterior spaces in which to live and work.  Product Manager James Brigagliano explains that “Reducing light pollution through proper optical/luminaire design can be touted as an important non-energy benefit and that’s great. If you look closer however, there is a very large energy benefit since any light not working to illuminate the task is wasted energy.  After 15+ years of supporting the IDA initiative we are glad to see continued interest in this effort by designers, municipalities, and other manufacturers.”
Holiday River Expeditions has teamed up with the experts from Salt Lake City’s Clark Planetarium to provide stargazing vacation trips like no others. The trails they bike and the rivers they run traverse some of the darkest, most remote corners of Utah and Colorado, including two International Dark Sky Parks, Canyonlands National Park and Dinosaur National Monument. Float or cycle through red rock wonderlands during the day; at night, settle in on a sandy beach and stare up at the starry ribbon of sky. Learn from their expert guides and special star guests, and discover the powerful sense of awe that the night sky can impart.


Non-profit Partner

*IDA does not endorse the products or services of its Brand Partners.