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Executive Director

The International Dark-Sky Association seeks an experienced and accomplished professional to serve as its next Executive Director. The ideal candidate will be mission-focused, committed to excellence, and a staunch advocate of the values and policies of the International Dark-Sky Association. Three essential qualities that the successful candidate must demonstrate are:

Leading a Vision

The ability to define and lead a vision that supports IDA’s mission, “to preserve and protect our heritage of dark skies through environmentally responsible lighting.”

This means:

  • Understanding the organization, its history, its position, and listening to stakeholders in developing and implementing a clear and inspiring vision for how we meet our mission.
  • Defining priorities and establishing focus in efforts across the organization (Board, staff, advocates, volunteers, members, media, and the general public).
  • Identifying and providing resources and strategies to support the organization in doing the most important things well.
  • Collaborating with the staff to build upon successes.

Proven Fundraising Ability and Demonstrated Success in Strong Management of Fiscal Resources

The organization cannot thrive without the fiscal resources necessary to meet its goals. Therefore, the next Executive Director must
maintain and improve IDA’s current fundraising goals, and apply sound financial practices that are aligned with organizational goals, including the Strategic Plan.

This means:

  • Demonstrated success in non-profit fund development and, in particular, the cultivation, stewardship, and long-term engagement of major donors.
  • Leading by example all of IDA’s fundraising efforts.
  • Administering and strengthening the IDA Development/Philanthropy Plan.
  • Providing strong financial oversight of IDA’s operations and building on the organization’s strong fiscal position.
  • Maintaining and expanding relationships with individuals, organizations, and foundations which currently or potentially can
    provide large financial gifts to the organization.

Issue Leadership

A leader who brings deep understanding of the issue of light pollution, mitigation efforts, and the dark sky advocacy network is required for IDA’s success.

This means:

  • Leading the movement to protect and preserve dark skies with strength and authority.
  • Taking initiative to become and remain conversant on advances in our understanding of light pollution and the evolving lighting industry.
  • Protecting and strengthening our status as the recognized worldwide authority on light pollution.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with potential and existing partner organizations who amplify our message.
  • Representing IDA with the highest degree of professionalism in public spaces.

This position is an exciting opportunity for an energetic, focused, caring and visionary leader who has successfully worked with domestic and international communities and who is well-versed in the issue of light pollution and its environmental impacts on diverse populations. The candidate will lead a highly committed, competent, creative, and engaged staff and partners who, along with the IDA Board of Directors, are poised to move the organization to new heights.

Located in Tucson, Arizona, the new Executive Director will have an amazing opportunity to create innovative partnerships globally, diversify and strengthen IDA’s revenue streams, manage to successful completion a $3 million endowment campaign to help ensure the organization’s long-term financial stability, and expand recognition of IDA as the global “go to” resource on light pollution.

For more information please view the prospectus.

Additional questions may be directed to Higher Talent by calling 301-320-9007.
Higher Talent, Inc.
PO Box 209 Glen Echo, MD 20812
Phone: 301-320-9007

IDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer




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