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Brand Partners

Brand Partners Program

IDA works closely with Brand Partners to develop authentic relationships that support our mission in mutually beneficial ways. IDA works to share these relationships with the right audience, at the right time, through carefully honed messages. Our sponsorship opportunities include customized packages, media exposure, shared fundraising campaigns, IDA program underwriting opportunities, co-branded merchandise, and experiences that have a powerful impact on the world.

One of the really exciting elements of our Brand Partners program is that, when you’re an IDA partner, you’ve become part of our big picture: fighting light pollution, connecting people with the wonders of the night sky, preserving the natural night-time environment. Our whole team is invested in sharing the news of our unique collaboration with your business. And the world is listening.

When you become a partner, your business will be publicly recognized on our website with a description of our partnership agreement. Social media posts will further announce our partnership. You will receive reports from our staff, updates about our programs, and success stories from our work. IDA thanks its partners at every opportunity, including the Annual General Meeting and Conference, webinar programs, and public speaking engagements. We are also eager to support you in engaging your audiences in our shared mission to protect the night.

We understand that a partnership must be mutually beneficial, and are committed to helping our Brand Partners build visibility and reach via creative recognition of our shared relationship on our website, social media platforms, and e-newsletters.  IDA has:

125,000+ Social Media Followers | 20,000+ E-news Subscribers

90,000+ Monthly Web Visitors

We work closely throughout the year with partners to ensure that our relationship is evolving in dynamic ways.

For more detailed information about our sponsorship levels, contact [email protected]

Brand Partners FAQ

What is a Brand Partner?

That’s a great question! The truth is, there is no single answer. Brand Partners share evolving and dynamic relationships that support IDA’s mission and work.  These relationships are mutually beneficial and may include ongoing recognition, fundraising campaigns, co-branded merchandise, IDA program sponsorship, media exposure, audience outreach, and experiences that have a powerful impact on the world. 

Can my business donate a percentage of sales to IDA?

Yes! A Commercial Co-Venture (CCV) is an advertising or sales campaign that communicates that the purchase of goods or services offered by a business will benefit a charitable organization in the process. “Percentage of sales” promotions are a good example.  In the last decade, this kind of “cause marketing” has met with enormous success.

It’s important to know that such campaigns trigger legal obligations for businesses and charities alike.  Most state regulators require the charitable beneficiary to register to fundraise in the states where the offer is going to be made and businesses will incur front-end costs with a CCV. Creating a CCV promotion includes creating a compliant contract, drafting compliant disclosures, obtaining bonds where necessary, and filing contracts where necessary. The cost to the business is estimated at around $5,000 for the first time a promotion is run, though renewal costs are much less.

Can my business make a tax-deductible donation to IDA without a partnership agreement?

Small businesses are welcome and encouraged to donate to IDA and to identify themselves to their audiences and patrons as proud IDA supporters. Depending on the legal requirements of your state, your business donation may be an eligible tax deduction. Please check with your CPA or a tax consultant.

Signage and communications may indicate that a business donates to IDA but should avoid language indicating that a portion of proceeds from specific sales will be donated to IDA unless the applicable legal agreements for a Commercial Co-Venture have been put in place. IDA will happily provide signage for your business. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

How can I become an Annual General Meeting and Conference Sponsor?

When our AGM is held in person,  sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are available during the meeting and in the broader social media exposure celebrating our partnership. All IDA Brand Partners are given the opportunity to be featured at the AGM. If you are not an IDA Brand Partner, you can learn more about sponsorship by contacting us at [email protected]

How can I donate collateral such as photos or videos to IDA?

We love the creative and unique ways our supporters find to help us further our mission to preserve and protect the night sky. IDA welcomes photographers, videographers, authors, and contributors of all kinds to donate their work for us to share with our audience. We ask that you complete this copyright agreement and clearly identify the usage guidelines.  Our development team is in the process of creating a program to formally recognize collateral donations such as photos, videos, and other products. Please contact [email protected] with questions or for more information.

Are Brand Partners the same as Fixture Seal of Approval Participants and Dark Sky Retailers?

Absolutely not. IDA’s Fixture Seal of Approval and Dark Sky Retailer programs are certification services with associated fees, application processes, and product quality guidelines. These partnerships are central to the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of dark-sky friendly lighting that is critical to fighting light pollution.

Our Brand Partners are sponsors supporting IDA’s mission through donations of funding that underwrite our operations, events, and special programs. While the Fixture Seal of Approval Participants and Dark Sky Retailers may elect to also become Brand Partners, IDA keeps our accounting and communications surrounding these differing relationships quite separate. IDA does not endorse the products or services of our Brand Partners in any communications surrounding the Brand Partners program.