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5 Reasons Why June is a Big Month for Dark Skies in Colorado

5 Reasons Why June is a Big Month for Dark Skies in Colorado Thumbnail

The following is a guest post by Aaron Watson, Board Chair and Chapter Director of IDA Colorado. June 2022 marks the combined success of several dark sky projects in Colorado, including the passage of three… Read more

Colorado, USA Declares June Dark Sky Month

The Milky Way over San Juans Mountains in Colorado to celebrate Dark Sky Month

Denver, Colorado, USA – Jared Polis, the Governor of Colorado, USA, has signed a proclamation declaring the month of June 2021 as “Dark Sky Month .” This success results from this year’s effort, led by… Read more

New Program Launches to Save Migrating Birds in Colorado, USA

Lights Out Colorado Logo

DENVER, COLORADO, USA (April 20, 2021)—The National Audubon Society, the International Dark-sky Association, and Denver Audubon have teamed up to launch Lights Out Colorado, a new program that aims to help Coloradans save millions of birds as… Read more

International Dark-Sky Association Establishes Ohio Chapter

The International Dark-Sky Association welcomes a new chapter in Ohio U.S. to support efforts that protect the nighttime environment from light pollution across the state of Ohio.  Light pollution–defined as the inappropriate use of artificial… Read more

BBC Explores True Cost of LED Lights

Brian Wheeler of the BBC shares the story of Karen Snyder, and her friend, Delores Bushong whose neighborhood in Washington DC recently installed 4,000 Kelvin LED streetlights. Snyder and Bushong oppose the bright lights and want their… Read more

IDA’s 2016 Annual General Meeting in Review

IDA’s 2016 Annual General Meeting in Review Thumbnail

On December 3, 2016, we hosted our Annual General Meeting at the Aloft hotel in Tucson, AZ. Our theme, “Harnessing the Power of the Grassroots to Reduce Light Pollution and its Environmental Impacts Worldwide,” describes… Read more