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Astrophotography Tips & Tricks

Astrophotography tips and tricks

With our second annual Capture the Dark Photography Contest underway, we thought it was a good time to round up some talented astrophotographers from around the world to share some of their tips and tricks… Read more

It’s Earth Day! Is your home lighting nature, neighbor and night sky friendly?

What better way to celebrate Earth Day (and Night!) than by making your home dark sky friendly? In recognition of International Dark Sky Week, IDA has released a simple home lighting assessment to help you… Read more

Planning Your Next Trip to the Dark Side

Planning Your Next Trip to the Dark Side Thumbnail

When was the last time you saw a star-studded sky? Was it in your backyard last night or on your family vacation to a national park last summer? Perhaps a true night sky is a… Read more

International Dark Sky Week: 5 Ways to Support Dark Skies Right Now

The nighttime environment is a crucial natural resource for all life on Earth, but the glow of uncontrolled outdoor lighting has hidden the stars, radically changing the nighttime environment. International Dark Sky Week draws attention… Read more

Enjoying Dark Skies with Kids!

Enjoying Dark Skies with Kids! Thumbnail

Participating in dark sky activities gives kids first-hand, meaningful experiences that help them understand the obstacles we face in protecting our dark skies. Creating fun opportunities engages and empowers the decision makers of tomorrow. Below is… Read more

Eyes In The Sky: Exploring Global Light Pollution With Satellite Maps

Eyes In The Sky: Exploring Global Light Pollution With Satellite Maps Thumbnail

Billions of people around the world routinely experience light pollution in the form of skyglow, the ever-present “haze” of light over cities at night. It comes from light on the ground scattering in the atmosphere… Read more

You’re Never too Young (or Old) to Become a Dark Sky Advocate

Shadow of hands forming a heart with the Milky Way in the background

By high school senior and dark sky advocate Jessica Elliott When I was in the third grade, my class took a trip to a wetlands to see the way Earth is interconnected with the animals… Read more

Learn why you shouldn’t bare your bulbs! Watch now…

Learn why you shouldn’t bare your bulbs! Watch now… Thumbnail

Lighting demonstration by Keith Kreuger, IDA Pinal County (Arizona) Chapter Leader, illustrating the difference between a bare bulb and a shielded bulb. Cover your bare bulbs! No one likes to look at a bare light… Read more

5 Things You Can Do to Protect the Night Sky

Person standing under a natural arch at Arches National Park with the Milky Way over head

Happy International Dark Week! Light pollution affects everybody! The good news is that light pollution, unlike many other forms of pollution, is reversible and each one of us can make a difference. Here are a… Read more

How to Enact a Lighting Ordinance

A picture of the word "ordinance" in the dictionary.

By  Guest Writer Bob Gent Many of us are aware of the serious problems from light pollution. Blinding glare is a safety problem, light in your bedroom window disrupts sleep, bright lights disorient wildlife, there… Read more