Register Now for the Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night Conference (ROLAN 2022)

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The International Dark-Sky Association is pleased to announce that we are a founding partner of the Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night Conference (ROLAN 2022). ROLAN 2022 is a two‐day online conference taking place May 12-13… Read more

Translating Research into Practice

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The following is a guest post submitted by Catherine Pérez Vega and Karolina Zielinska-Dabkowska (IDA Technical Committee) about their recently published article “A Systematic Review for Establishing Relevant Environmental Parameters for Urban Lighting: Translating Research… Read more

Globe at Night 2022: Can You See the Stars?

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Every year, the Globe at Night international community science campaign raises awareness about the impact of light pollution by inviting community scientists to measure and submit night sky brightness observations. All you need is a computer, tablet… Read more

Artificial Light Impacting Coral Reef Species: A Case Study

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Each month, IDA’s Director of Conservation, Ashley Wilson, tackles a new piece of scientific research regarding light pollution and breaks it down for us in a blog post. As a resident of sunny Florida, I… Read more

New App Aims to Better Understand Nighttime Satellite Data

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A team of community scientists and researchers from the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam – GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences have developed a new mobile app called ‘Nachtlicht’ (NightLights). The app allows participants to record various… Read more

Pollinator Week 2021: Celebrating Nocturnal Pollinators

Bat pollinating a flower for pollinator week 2021

The busy bee. The fluttering butterfly. The thirsty, feisty hummingbird. These are the creatures we most commonly associate with pollination. And while their roles are central to this process, the concept of “out of sight… Read more

IDA Celebrates Endangered Species Day

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Every year on the third Friday in May, people all around the world celebrate Endangered Species Day by learning about and taking action to protect threatened and endangered species. Light pollution has significant impacts on… Read more

New Program Launches to Save Migrating Birds in Colorado, USA

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DENVER, COLORADO, USA (April 20, 2021)—The National Audubon Society, the International Dark-sky Association, and Denver Audubon have teamed up to launch Lights Out Colorado, a new program that aims to help Coloradans save millions of birds as… Read more

Black History Month: A History of Forced Illumination

Light pollution impacts on the Black community

This year, in honor of Black History Month, we are starting conversations about racism and bringing awareness to the fact that light pollution disproportionately impacts the Black community. In fact, a recent study, which was… Read more

Bat Week: Shedding (Some) Light on Bats

Bat flying across the sky at night.

In celebration of Bat Week, we have teamed up with Bat Conservation International (BCI) to learn about bats. This article was created in collaboration with BCI and written by Dr. Kristen Lear, Endangered Species Interventions… Read more