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Vision and Values Update: Toward a More Equitable Dark Sky Movement

Vision and Values Update: Toward a More Equitable Dark Sky Movement Thumbnail

One year ago, IDA issued a statement centered on aspiring toward a more equitable dark sky movement. Like many of our peers, the events of 2020 not only demonstrated the need for reconciliation and reform… Read more

Astrophotography Tips & Tricks

Astrophotography tips and tricks

With our second annual Capture the Dark Photography Contest underway, we thought it was a good time to round up some talented astrophotographers from around the world to share some of their tips and tricks… Read more

Michigan, USA Declares July 2021 “Dark Sky Awareness Month”

Dark Sky Awareness Month Michigan

Lansing, Michigan, USA – Last month, the Michigan State Senate adopted a resolution formally recognizing July 2021 as Dark Sky Awareness Month in the state. This accomplishment is the result of a six-month-long effort championed… Read more

SATCON2 Workshop to Take Place in Mid-July

SatCon2 Workshop Poster

In early 2020, 40 experts came together to assess the impact of satellite constellations on astronomy and to consider possible mitigation solutions. They presented their findings for discussion at the SATCON1 workshop at the end of June… Read more

Colorado, USA Declares June Dark Sky Month

The Milky Way over San Juans Mountains in Colorado to celebrate Dark Sky Month

Denver, Colorado, USA – Jared Polis, the Governor of Colorado, USA, has signed a proclamation declaring the month of June 2021 as “Dark Sky Month .” This success results from this year’s effort, led by… Read more

Pollinator Week 2021: Celebrating Nocturnal Pollinators

Bat pollinating a flower for pollinator week 2021

The busy bee. The fluttering butterfly. The thirsty, feisty hummingbird. These are the creatures we most commonly associate with pollination. And while their roles are central to this process, the concept of “out of sight… Read more

Advocate Q&A: Abhishek Pawse from Nagpur, India

IDA Advocate Abhishek Pawse

Each month the International Dark-Sky Association features an IDA Advocate from the worldwide network of volunteers who are working to protect the night. This month we’re highlighting the work of IDA Advocate Abhishek Pawse from… Read more

Capture the Dark 2021: Meet the Judges

Meet the Judges of the 2021 Capture the Dark Photo Contest

In celebration of the impact that photography has had on the dark sky movement, the International Dark-Sky Association is hosting the second annual Capture the Dark Photography Contest. To judge the submissions, we put together… Read more

Enter IDA’s ‘Capture the Dark’ Photography Contest

Capture the Dark Photography Contest

Photography plays a powerful role in the dark sky movement. A photograph of the naturally dark sky connects those who’ve never laid eyes on the naturally dark sky to a universe hidden behind the veil… Read more

Fight for the Stars

Fight for the Stars Thumbnail

The following is a guest post by dark sky advocate Emma Schmidt, from Austin, Texas, USA. Hello! I am Emma Schmidt, a Girl Scout Ambassador in Troop 145. I just finished high school in Austin… Read more