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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership and Donations

Learn more about the benefits of membership, how to become a member, how to make other donations, and who to contact with additional questions at our membership FAQ page. 

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International Dark Sky Places

● Becoming a Dark Sky Place

International Dark Sky Places are required to meet certain guideline requirements before becoming certified by IDA. Please review the IDSP Program Guidelines. To learn more about the process of becoming a dark sky please review How to Become an International Dark Sky Place. Once you have carefully reviewed this page, there is an option to submit a formal inquiry. 

Learn more about how to become an International Dark Sky Place

● Visiting a Dark Sky Place

For the most up to date information about events or activities at an International Dark Sky Place, we recommend contacting the site directly. IDA does not have detailed information for visiting these places. You can find contact information for each site on their darksky.org webpage.

IDA has published an in-depth article with information about visiting places of natural darkness, including our certified International Dark Sky Places. Check out Planning Your Next Trip to the Dark Side

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Help with Nuisance Lighting

If you are concerned about lighting in your neighborhood or community, IDA has an action plan to help you educate your neighbors and community about the value of dark sky friendly lighting. IDA does not get involved in lighting disputes or litigation.

Neighborhood Nuisance Lighting Action Plan

Bad Streetlights

Dark Sky Friendly Products

IDA’s Fixture Seal of Approval program certifies outdoor lighting fixtures as being Dark Sky Friendly, meaning that they minimize glare while reducing light trespass and skyglow.

IDA does not sell lighting. To find retailers that sell good lighting, see our Dark Sky Retailers page or browse the guide below to find fixtures that have been approved under our Fixture Seal of Approval program.

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Certify Dark Sky Approved Fixtures

IDA Certified Sports Lighting

Dark Sky Policies and Ordinances

IDA pursues its mission in part by advocating for evidence-based outdoor lighting policies that control light pollution while preserving public safety and providing reasonable allowances for commerce, nighttime ambience, and other considerations. While we do not conduct reviews of existing or proposed lighting policies, we do offer comprehensive resources to decision-makers to develop effective lighting policies.

How to Advocate for Lighting Ordinances

Lighting for Policy Makers

IDA Public Policy Actions

Chapters and Advocates

IDA’s Advocate Network is a global community united in its efforts to protect the night from light pollution. IDA’s Advocate Network is composed of Delegates, Chapters, and partner Affiliate organizations.

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Dark Sky Outreach Materials

IDA members can order public outreach materials directly from IDA at no cost. Use our brochure request form to submit an order request no less than six days before your desired delivery date.

Learn more about IDA Public Outreach Materials>

Media Requests

Requests for statements or interviews can be sent to support at darksky dot org. Use the subject line “Media Request” and include the publication name, a brief summary of your request, and your deadline date.

Student Requests

Darksky.org provides comprehensive information to help explain what is light pollution, what can we do about it, how does it impact wildlife, why does it matter, etc. Please search the site thoroughly. If you are unable to find answers to your questions or need a direct quote for a research paper, student requests for interviews can be submitted to support at darksky dot org. Use the subject line “Student Request” and include a brief summary of your request.

New! Satellite Megaconstellations

IDA’s response to the launch of Satellite Constellations, and our four principles to preserve the quiet enjoyment of the night sky and protect the general public from the impacts of megaconstellations can be found below:

Read IDA’s Response to Megaconstellations

Partnering with IDA

Thank you for your interest in working with us! The best way to connect with IDA is through our Advocacy Network, where we have boots-on-the-ground around the globe. Please reach out to your local Advocate regarding events and partnerships in your area.

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● Sponsorships

IDA does not typically offer sponsorships for events or programs. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of IDA, check out our Brand Partner Program.  

Brand Partner Program

Requesting Information not found on the darksky.org website

If you cannot find an answer on our website, you may email support at darksky dot org. Response time will vary depending on your request.