It’s Earth Day! Is your home lighting nature, neighbor and night sky friendly?

What better way to celebrate Earth Day (and Night!) than by making your home dark sky friendly? In recognition of International Dark Sky Week, IDA has released a simple home lighting assessment to help you take steps to make your outdoor lighting dark sky friendly.

The Solution Starts with You

By following five simple principles for responsible outdoor lighting at home, you can protect nocturnal wildlife, be a good neighbor, and preserve the night sky. 

After you’ve checked the lights around your home, and have taken steps to correct any lighting that does not meet the Dark Sky Friendly Home Lighting program criteria, you can self-certify your home and proudly display a Dark Sky Friendly Home certificate! 

Take me to the Program

Five Principles to Protect the Night From Light Pollution

IDA’s Dark Sky Friendly Home Lighting program is based on the newly announced International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) and Illumination Engineering Society (IES) joint “Five Principles to Protect the Night From Light Pollution.” By applying these principles, properly designed electric lighting at night can be beautiful, healthy, and functional. Projects that incorporate these principles, whether a residential home, a development, community, or region, will save energy and money, reduce light pollution, and minimize wildlife disruption.

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