Membership FAQ

What does my membership contribution support? 

IDA relies on membership contributions to underwrite general operations and support our work to protect the night from light pollution. To learn more about our annual expenses and funding, visit


What are the benefits of membership?

When you join IDA you join a worldwide network of people committed to protecting the night from light pollution. You will receive timely and relevant information about night sky protection efforts around the world from IDA-global, you will gain access to free member resources, such as our Nightscape newsletter and outreach materials, and you will be an important voice in the worldwide efforts to protect and restore the night. As a member of IDA, you will be automatically enrolled as a member of a local chapter if there is one in your area. 


What if I don’t want to receive mail from IDA?

You can easily opt-out of receiving paper communications from IDA. We’ll still send you digital news and updates. To opt-out of paper communications, select the “


What is the difference between membership levels?

IDA offers a range of membership levels to meet your budget. Choose the level that’s right for you. No matter which level you choose, you will be an important part of the worldwide network working to protect the night from light pollution. 


Is my membership tax-deductible? 

IDA is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, registered in the state of Arizona. Our EIN number is 74-2493011. Your membership contribution is tax-deductible as allowed by law.


Who should I contact if I have a question about my membership?

If you have any questions or concerns about your membership, please contact Susan Ciarniello, our Membership Director, at [email protected] or 520-347-6360.


How long has IDA been in existence?

IDA was founded in 1988 to protect the night from light pollution. 


Do you have local chapters?

Yes! IDA has 66 chapters worldwide who, together with IDA delegates and affiliates, are working in their communities to protect the night from light pollution. IDA advocates are a key part of our success. To learn more about our advocate program, or to become an advocate, visit or contact our Director of Engagement, Bettymaya Foott: [email protected]


Can I make automatic monthly donations?

Monthly giving is a great way to support IDA. It helps reduce our administrative costs, saves paper, and allows us to put even more of your generous gift to work for the environment! IDA recognizes monthly contributors through our Nighthawk Monthly Giving Club.


Can I make a gift membership?

Absolutely. Gift memberships are a thoughtful way to honor a loved one’s commitment to the night sky. 

To make a gift membership, please contact our Membership Director, Susan Ciarniello at [email protected] or 520-347-6360.


How long will my membership be valid?

IDA membership is an annual contribution. Your membership is valid for one calendar year, after which IDA will contact you with information about how to renew. You may also be contacted throughout the year with opportunities to give to special appeals to support programs and activities outside of your membership. Gifts to these appeals do not go toward your membership contribution but are a way to help IDA have a greater impact around the world.  


Will my information remain private?

Yes. Your privacy is important to us. IDA does not share our members’ personal information outside of the organization for any reason without your explicit permission. If there is an IDA chapter in your area, a qualified chapter leader may contact you about local activities and volunteer opportunities. 


Does IDA have volunteer opportunities available? 

Yes. There are two ways to get involved. IDA-global volunteers work directly with IDA staff to support our operations. Volunteers are matched to the current needs of the organization. To explore volunteer opportunities with IDA-global, contact our Development Coordinator, Annamarie Schaecher at [email protected] You may also consider becoming an IDA advocate. IDA advocates receive support and training from IDA-global to protect the night from light pollution in their communities. To learn more about our advocacy program, contact Bettymaya Foot at [email protected] 


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