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Moon Rising into Starry Sky, Lighting up the Grass and Two Trees

Moonrise over Müritz National Park. Photo by Alejandro Sanchez de Miguel

Join the Nighthawk Monthly Giving Club

A little each month makes a Huge difference … join the IDA Nighthawk Monthly Giving Club to help us keep the skies dark and the stars shining!

Eliminating light pollution to protect our planet is an ongoing effort and something that won’t be solved “overnight”! That’s why we created the Nighthawk Monthly Giving Club. Now, our dedicated members can make monthly donations that are processed automatically.

Monthly giving through automatic credit card payments is convenient, secure, and a great way to support the important work of IDA. It also means that you will no longer receive our renewal notices, which helps reduce our administrative costs, saves paper, and allows us to put even more of your generous gift to work for the environment.

So, sign up online today for the IDA Nighthawk Monthly Club and help us make a difference protecting what we all cherish … starry night skies!

Suggested giving levels:

  • $83.34 ($1,000.00/year): Less than $3 dollars a day – the cost of latte. And at this level you become a Night Sky Protector!
  • $41.67 ($500/year): Less than $1.50 a day – the cost of a bottle of water.
  • $20.84 ($250/year): About $1 dollar a day – the cost of a song from iTunes.
  • $8.34 ($100/year): About 25 cents – the cost of a gumball.
  • $4.17 ($50/year): Less than 15 cents a day – the amount of spare change in your pockets, car or sofa!

Become a member of our Nighthawk Monthly Giving Club today!