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Writing International Dark Sky Places Annual Reports

Writing International Dark Sky Places Annual Reports Image

Photo by Jonathan Kim (CC BY-NC 2.0)

As a condition of the continued accreditation of International Dark Sky Places, IDA asks that each Place submit a report on activities related to dark skies by 1 October of each year. This condition is set forth in the program guidelines for each of the International Dark Sky Places designation categories. The listed contact individuals for each Place will be reminded by email on 1 August and 1 September of each year, in advance of the deadline.

The annual reports are important to the relationship between IDA and our International Dark Sky Places. It’s an opportunity to check in each year and let us know about events and progress toward improving nighttime conditions, as well as whether there are any problems or ways in which IDA can help. In turn, we mine the annual reports for information and success stories we can share with our membership and the world through our member communications and social media. The reports serve in place of periodic re-accreditation, in order to minimize the impact on staff and resources at the International Dark Sky Places.

There is no required format for the annual reports, although we request that they are submitted in a PDF format. Similarly, there is no specific content the annual reports should address. We do not have anything like a template in order to give those making the reports the most flexibility in what information they present and how it is presented. For examples of past annual reports, see the individual pages for International Dark Sky Places on the IDA website and look under “Documents”.

Check out these guidelines to get a sense of what we’re looking for: IDSP Annual Report Guidelines (PDF)

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