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Davagh Forest (Ireland)

Davagh Forest under a starry sky.

Davagh Forest under a starry sky. Photo credit: Ursula Mezza





International Dark Sky Park


Davagh Road
Omagh BT79 8JH
United Kingdom


Mrs. Charmain Bell

Land Area

15 km2


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A subsection of the Sperrin AONB in Northern Ireland, Davagh Forest contains a wealth of archaeological and social heritage, including Neolithic tombs, ancient stone circles, and evidence of past events such as battles lost from any formal history but recorded in the landscape through place names and folklore. The geography of the mountains and hills surrounding the Dark Sky Park and the remoteness of Davagh Forest, situated far from the major conurbations and towns of Northern Ireland, together provide some of the best possible conditions for the preservation of these features and of dark skies in Northern Ireland.

Located beside Davagh Forest are Beaghmore Stone Circles, a complex of early Bronze Age megalithic features, stone circles, and cairns. It is widely believed that the circles were constructed in relation to the midsummer sunrise, or to record the movements of the Sun and Moon acting as calendrical markers to identify particular lunar, solar or stellar events. The boundary for the proposed Dark Sky Park includes Davagh Forest and Beaghmore Stone Circles.


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