Hehuan Mountain (Taiwan, R.O.C.)

Hehuan Mountain (Taiwan, R.O.C.) Image

Snowy Hehuan and Qilai Mountains under Galaxy, Feb 2018. Photo courtesy of Sean Huang.





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Axiou Lin
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Hehuan Mountain (also called Joint-Joy Mountain) is situated at the west of Taroko National Park , the peak is 3,416-meter-high (11,207 ft) mountain in Central Taiwan, the 3,421-meter east peak and 3,422-meter north peak of Hehuanshan are both higher than the main peak.

The peak lies on the borders of Nantou and Hualien counties and Hehuan Mountain is a popular destination in Taiwan. It is the only resort area above 3,000 meters the highway can access directly on the island. The location is far away from the glow of over-lit urban areas and the altitude is suitable for stargazing all year. 

During the ice age, Eurasia’s animals and plants began to migrate south. This, combined with the isolating effect of an island, has made Taiwan one of the most ecologically diverse areas in Asia (just next to Borneo). There are some special species could be found in Hehuan Mountain, including some Alpine rhododendron. Hehuan’s snowy landscape in winter is very rare for subtropical climate.

Highway 14 connects Puli, through Wushe (Renai), and Qingjing Farm (Cingjing) to Wuling. Visitors can stay in Qingjing (Cingjing) and easily access to Hehuan mountain and forest trails.




IDA visits Hehuan Mountain (December 2019)

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