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IDA Advocates are an important part of our success

IDA’s Advocate Network is a global community united in its efforts to protect the night from light pollution. Check out the work of some of our advocates, and sign up to join below.

The process is simple! Take the IDA 101 training, here. After completion, fill out the form below to join IDA’s global communication platform, be given access to exclusive advocate resources, and invited to join additional monthly advocate trainings on various aspects of light pollution and dark sky conservation. We hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for your interest in protecting the dark.

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Become a Pin on the Map!

Do you want to become a local point of contact for dark sky in your area? Apply to be an IDA Delegate, or to form an IDA Chapter.

IDA Delegate

IDA Delegate:  Individual advocates who have agreed to be a local point of contact and submit annual reports. IDA Delegates may be identified with a specialization. 

Rayan Khan, IDA Dark Sky Delegate in Pakistan.

Delegates who live within existing Chapter geographies will be encouraged to participate in the local Chapter. If your work expands beyond their boundaries, or you are working on a particular project that deserves recognition, exceptions may be granted if coordinated with the local Chapter. 

To apply to become an IDA Delegate:

  • Step 1: Join the IDA Dark Sky Network. Attend the IDA 101 training, see above for schedule. (This training requirement may be waived if the person is well known/an expert in the field.) Commit to IDA mission/vision/values and Lighting Principles. 
  • Step 2: Participate in the IDA Dark Sky Network for three months. (This requirement may be waived if the individual is well known in the field or where existing delegates can attest to their work and reputation). Attend or review monthly advocate meetings and participate in slack.  
  • Step 3: Review the IDA Dark Sky Network Handbook for Delegates (versão em português) and Submit an application to be recognized as a Delegate and sign the online Delegate Agreement.
  • Step 4: We encourage all Delegates to be active IDA members at a meaningful level.  

Applications will be reviewed at the beginning of each calendar month. If your application is approved, you will be required to sign an agreement, which will be sent via DocuSign. 

  • Ongoing requirements: 
    • Attend monthly advocate meetings when possible, participate in and be active on IDA Slack.
    • Reporting requirements: mandatory annual reporting.  Optional monthly reporting.


Starry Skies North IDA Chapter, USA.

IDA Chapter

IDA Chapter: IDA members organized within defined geographic boundaries.

We’re so excited to share with you that IDA is now accepting applications for IDA Chapters! Our volunteers are the backbone of the work that we do at IDA, and what better way to enact light pollution solutions and raise awareness about the importance of dark skies than with a group of like minded peers? IDA Chapters do amazing work to protect the night, from enacting national light pollution laws, to tabling at events and spreading the word. If you’d like to learn more about starting an IDA Chapter, please read the information below.

How to form an IDA Chapter

  1. Be a member of IDA.
  2. Be an active participant in the IDA advocate network for at least 3 months.
  3. Identify initial leadership team consisting of at least five IDA members.
  4. Identify geography for the proposed Chapter 
    1. IDA will not certify a new Chapter in an existing Chapter’s territory unless closely coordinated with both parties.
  5. Thoroughly read and review the IDA Chapter Handbook.
  6. Apply to start an IDA Chapter via the following online form that covers the following:
    1. Proposed geography and Chapter name
    2. Initial leadership team
    3. Start-up plan, including reason to form a chapter and initial goals, and plans for longevity
    4. Proposed Structure – do you propose incorporating, or is this an IDA-volunteer group effort?
  7. IDA will review the proposal and determine eligibility. Applications will be reviewed at the beginning of each calendar month. 
  8. Once approved, IDA Chapter leaders must execute the IDA Chapter Agreement for the group to obtain official status as an IDA Chapter.

To maintain their position in the Dark Sky Network, all IDA Chapters are expected to comply with the following requirements:

  • Annual Reporting – Annually, January 31
    • Submit a detailed summary of the prior year’s activities and your upcoming goals for the year via a form that will be emailed to the IDA Chapter point of contact.
  • Engage with IDA Programs, Meetings, And Resources – Ongoing
    • Be aware of the IDA resources, redistribute information to local members and engage with program activities. 
  • Attend Monthly Learning Webinars – Monthly
    • Attend meetings as often as possible for your schedule, and when not possible, review the recordings. 
  • Engage Local Supporters – Ongoing
    • Engage local IDA members supporters, and reach out to other local organizations, and communicate as needed to disseminate timely news or calls-to-action. 
  • Engage Fellow Advocates – Ongoing
    • Monitor the IDA community platform (currently Slack) and engage when appropriate. Share all upcoming activities on the advocate community platform. IDA advocates are expected to share their experiences and best practices with the network and act as guides and mentors for new advocates.

Find an IDA Chapter or Delegate Near You

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We hope you will consider starting an IDA Chapter or becoming an IDA Delegate to grow the movement to protect the night around the world! If you have any questions, please contact Bettymaya on Slack. (Not on slack? Join the IDA Advocate Network to get an invite!)