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IDA’s Advocacy program is made up of IDA Chapters, Delegates, and Affiliates around the globe.

IDA’s grassroots advocate network is a nimble and effective distributive network, capable of sharing best practices and tools while remaining locally attuned to specific geographic, political and demographic needs.

Our program empowers a network of advocates across the globe, find one near you! And learn more about how you can join IDA’s advocate network.


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IDA Chapters

Statewide Chapters

Name of Chapter Chapter Director Chapter Website Email State
IDA Colorado Aaron Watson [email protected] Colorado
IDA Connecticut Leo Smith   [email protected] Conneticut
IDA Massachusetts James Lowenthal [email protected] Massachussets
IDA Missouri Donald Ficken [email protected] Missouri
IDA Montana Lee Rademaker [email protected] Montana
IDA Ohio Terry Mann [email protected] Ohio
IDA Oregon Bill Kowalik [email protected] Oregon
IDA Pennsylvania Michael Lincoln [email protected] Pennsylvania
DarkSky Tennessee Rebecca Love [email protected] Tennessee
IDA Texas Cindy Cassidy [email protected] Texas
IDA Utah Aaron Dekeyzer [email protected] Utah

Regional Chapters – USA

Chapter Name Chapter Director Chapter email State
Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition Lance Diskan & Christian B. Luginbuhl [email protected] Arizona
IDA Phoenix Christa Sadler [email protected] Arizona
IDA Pinal County, Arizona Keith Krueger [email protected] Arizona
IDA Southern Arizona Joe Frannea [email protected] Arizona
IDA Starry Skies South Michelle Wooten [email protected] Alabama
IDA California Jack Sales [email protected] California
IDA San Bernardino County, California – High Deserts Region Tom O’Key [email protected] California
IDA San Diego County, California John Freese [email protected] California
IDA Santa Barbara County, California Nancy Emerson [email protected] California
IDA Santa Cruz, California Mark Buxbaum [email protected] California
IDA Dark Sky Lake Worth Richard Stowe
Alice McCall
[email protected] Florida
IDA Florida Diana Umpierre, AICP, GISP [email protected] Florida
IDA South Florida Bryan Bodie
Eric Vandernoot
[email protected] Florida
IDA Hawaii Howard Wiig & Dr. Richard Wainscoat [email protected]
[email protected]
IDA Central Illinois Jesse Hoover [email protected] Illinois
Northwest Illinois Zoran Perovanovich [email protected] Illinois
IDA Erie and Crawford County Susan Campbell [email protected] Indiana
IDA South Central Kentucky Christine Humphrey [email protected] Kentucky
IDA Berrien County Kelly Schmitt Youngberg [email protected] Michigan
Starry Skies North Todd Burlet [email protected] Minnesota
IDA New York Susan Harder [email protected] New York
IDA Westchester County Charles Fulco [email protected] New York
IDA North Carolina Prof. Daniel B. Caton [email protected] North Carolina
IDA South Dakota Diane Knutson [email protected] North Dakota
Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council (POLC) Stan Stubbe [email protected] Pennsylvania
IDA Virginia Laura Kitchin Greenleaf & Laura Graham [email protected] Virginia
Dark Skies Northwest David Ingram [email protected] Washington
IDA Washington, D.C. Milt Roney [email protected]
Washington, D.C.
Geneva Lake Dark Sky Initiative Colin Griffith [email protected] Wisconsin

Regional Chapters – International

Chapter Name Chapter Director Chapter email Country
IDA Tasmania Landon Bannister [email protected] Australia
IDA Victoria Australia Judith Bailey [email protected] Australia
IDA Austria Dr. Günther Wuchterl
[email protected] Austria
IDA Québec, Canada Eric Ladouceur [email protected] Canada
IDA Southern Alberta Jennifer Howse [email protected] Canada
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
  [email protected]
[email protected]
IDA Beijing, China Ruoyu Li [email protected] China
IDA Guangdong Province, China Daobo “Paul” Zhang [email protected] China
IDA Shanghai, China Fei Guo [email protected]
[email protected]
Dark Sky Cyprus Andreas Panayiotou [email protected]
[email protected]
IDA Czech Republic Dr. Jan Hollan [email protected] Czech Republic
IDA Germany Andreas Hänel [email protected] Germany
Dark Sky Greece Andreas Papalambrou [email protected] Greece
IDA Hungary Zoltán Kolláth [email protected] Hungary
IDA India Arun George [email protected] India
IDA Punjab Jaskaran Singh [email protected] India
Dark Sky Ireland Albert White [email protected] Ireland
IDA Mayo, Ireland Georgia MacMillan [email protected] Ireland
IDA Israel Ido Bareket [email protected] Isreal
IDA Italy Dr. Mario Di Sora [email protected] Italy
IDA Tokyo, Japan Nobuaki Ochi [email protected] Japan
Light Pollution Awareness Group Alexei Pace [email protected] Malta
IDA México Fernando Ávila Castro [email protected] Mexico
IDA Daegu GyeongBuk Korea Wonkil Jeong [email protected] South Korea
Dark Sky Switzerland Lukas Schuler [email protected] Switzerland
Dark Sky Taiwan Axiou Lin [email protected] Taiwan

IDA Affiliates

Name of Affiliate Affiliate Director Contact Information State Country
Arkansas Natural Sky Association Bruce McMath [email protected] Arkansas USA
The Texas Night Sky Festival Cindy Cassidy [email protected] Texas USA
Wyoming Stargazing Samuel Singer [email protected] Wyoming USA