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Nightscape, our award-winning publication, provides current news about IDA and night sky protection and in depth articles on IDA programs, light pollution issues and protecting the night sky. Members can choose to receive the publication electronically or have hard copies mailed to them.

Nightscape #97 | November 2016
Check out out latest issue to learn about program updates and much more including …
  • IDA’s new LED Public Outreach Program
  • The recent IDA member survey
  • IDA’s work with Japanese officials to designate the first Dark Sky Park in Japan
  • The National Park Service’s 100th Anniversary
  • International Dark Sky Places program updates
  • IDA Chapter updates
Nightscape #96 | March 2016

IDA_2015_Annual-Report_imageThis is our Annual Report Edition of Nightscape. Learn about IDA’s 2015 accomplishments, including …

  • Updates on IDA programs
  • New International Dark Sky Places, including several “firsts”
  • Information on new IDA Board Members
  • Updates on IDA’s public policy work
  • IDA Award Recipients
  • IDA’s Environmental Award
  • IDA 2015 Financials
Nightscape #95 | November 2015

This issue of Nightscape is chock-full of current updates about our work fighting light pollution and protecting night skies. In this issue of Nightscape you can read about …

  • Our special offer for our end-of-the year campaign
  • IDA’s national environmental award
  • The first International Dark Sky Sanctuary
  • Updates on our award-winner International Dark Sky Places program
  • Memorials to three impassioned dark sky advocates
  • IDA public policy word
  • The 2015 IDA Annual General Meeting

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Past Issues
Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 2.14.31 PM Nightscape Issue #93: Summer 2014 Catching the Cosmos NS92_cover NS90-91_cover
Nightscape Issue #94
Spring 2015
IDA 2014 Annual Report
Nightscape Issue #93
Summer 2014
Catching the Cosmos
Nightscape Issue #92
Spring 2014
IDA 2013 Annual Report
Nightscape Issue #90-91
Winter 2013
IDA Celebrates 25 Years
Nightscape Issue #89 Nightscape Issue #88 Nightscape Issue #87 Nightscape Issue #85/86
Nightscape Issue #89
Summer 2013
Night Sky Road Trip
Nightscape Issue #88
Observing Light Pollution from Air and Space
Nightscape Issue #87
Winter 2012
Observing Light Pollution
Nightscape Issue #85/86
Summer/Fall 2012
Aoraki Mackenzie & NamibRand International Dark Sky Reserves
Nightscape Issue #84 Nightscape Issue #83 Nightscape Issue #81/82 Nightscape Issue #80
Nightscape Issue #84
Spring 2012
Parks and Protected Areas
Nightscape Issue #83
Summer 2011
The City Dark
Nightscape Issue #81/82
Spring/Winter 2011
The World at Night
Nightscape #80
Spring 2010
The World at Night