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Cover of Nightscape magazine #111, featuring a photo of a silver fern

Nightscape, our award-winning quarterly publication, provides current news about IDA and night sky protection and in-depth articles on IDA programs, light pollution issues, and protecting the night sky.

Nightscape is a member benefit. New issues are mailed to IDA members in the U.S.A. and made electronically available to all members globally at the same time. When the subsequent issue publishes, the previous issue becomes available to non-members online here.

Members can choose to receive the publication electronically in lieu of a mailed copy.

Nightscape #111 · March 2023

We are delighted to bring you the digital version of the March 2023 Nightscape magazine, which includes:

  • “New Zealand: Land of the Long Dark Night” about dark sky activism, conservation, and tourism in New Zealand, by Megan Eaves
  • 2023–2027 Strategic Plan
  • Preview of Dark Sky Week 2023
  • Advocate highlights
  • and more!

You can flip through the magazine page by page below (click the fullscreen icon). This works best on large screens.

You can also download Nightscape #111 · March 2023 (PDF).

Nightscape is a quarterly magazine and a member benefit. New issues are mailed to IDA members in the USA and made available digitally to all members globally at the same time. When the subsequent issue publishes, the previous issue becomes available to the general public online.

Previous Issues

Cover of Nightscape magazine, issue #110

Nightscape Issue #110 (PDF)

December 2022

  • “Day and night, light and life” an article about our daily rhythm, by Lisa Heschong
  • 2022 Annual Awards winners
  • A poem by supporter Juliane McAdam
  • Meet a member: Landon Bannister
  • Advocate highlights
  • + more

Cover of the September 2022 issue of Nightscape

Nightscape Issue #109 (PDF)

September 2022

Cover of Nightscape magazine, June 2022 issue, showing a darkened building and stars in a night sky above it

Nightscape Issue #108 (PDF)

June 2022

  • Good Lighting: Dark skies start at home
  • Reports from Spring 2022 meetings
  • Seeing stars: The light artist helping humanity rediscover the stars
  • Photo feature / inspiration
  • Cities at night: Cities, towns, and developed communities are often the main sources of light pollution
  • Meet a member: Joshua Iván Muñoz Salazar: Urban advocacy in México City
  • Advocate highlights
  • + more

Cover of Nightscape magazine #107 showing a road narrowing off into the distance, with a starry night sky above the horizon

Nightscape Issue #107 (PDF)

March 2022

  • Plan a trip for International Dark Sky Week
  • Good Lighting: Twin Texas homes shine without overshining
  • Destination dark skies: Plan a trip for International Dark Sky Week
  • Photo feature / inspiration
  • Research roundup: What’s new in light-pollution research
  • Meet a member: Tim Brothers — Retrofit gone right
  • Advocate highlights

Nightscape Issue #106 (PDF)

December 2021

  • “Who owns the night sky?” about the light pollution problems from satellite megaconstellations
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Photo feature
  • 2021 Annual Awards
  • Meet a member: Patrizia Bortolin
  • Advocate highlights & 20 years of International Dark Sky Places

Cover of Nightscape #105

Nightscape Issue #105 (PDF)

Summer 2021

  • Winners of the 2021 Capture the Dark photo contest
  • A new Meet a Member feature on Roger Craig Smith, IDA advocate and astrophotographer
  • Advocate highlights from around the globe
  • 2020 Impact Reports and Financials
  • + more

Cover of Nightscape Spring 2021

Nightscape Issue #104 (PDF)

Spring 2021

In this spring edition of Nightscape, we highlight some of the great work being done in the UK to combat light pollution and share some dark sky books by British authors that should be on your reading list. We also share some chapter highlights, new International Dark Sky Places, and a short history of light pollution guidance.

Nightscape Issue #103 (PDF)

Fall 2020
IDA 2019 Annual Report

Nightscape Issue #102 (PDF)

Spring 2020

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Fall 2019
IDA 2018 Annual Report

Nightscape Issue #100 (PDF)

Spring 2019

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Spring 2015
IDA 2014 Annual Report

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Summer 2014
Catching the Cosmos

Nightscape Issue #92 (PDF)

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IDA 2013 Annual Report

Nightscape Issue #90–91 (PDF)

Winter 2013
IDA Celebrates 25 Years

Nightscape Issue #89 (PDF)

Summer 2013
Night Sky Road Trip

Nightscape Issue #88 (PDF)

Spring 2013
Observing Light Pollution from Air and Space

Nightscape Issue #87 (PDF)

Winter 2012
Observing Light Pollution

Nightscape Issue #85–86 (PDF)

Summer/Fall 2012
Aoraki Mackenzie & NamibRand International Dark Sky Reserves

Nightscape Issue #84 (PDF)

Spring 2012
Parks and Protected Areas

Nightscape Issue #83 (PDF)

Summer 2011
The City Dark

Nightscape Issue #81–82 (PDF)

Spring/Winter 2011
The World at Night

Nightscape Issue #80 (PDF)

Spring 2010
The World at Night