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Nightscape, our award-winning publication, provides current news about IDA and night sky protection and in-depth articles on IDA programs, light pollution issues, and protecting the night sky. Members can choose to receive the publication electronically or have hard copies mailed to them.

Nightscape #103 |  Fall 2020
In this special edition of Nightscape, we reflect on 2019 with the Annual Report and address concerns related to satellite megaconstellations. We also take a look at the success of Kozushima Island, their journey to becoming an International Dark Sky Place, and the alliance with Panasonic to modify their fixtures to be dark sky compliant. 



Nightscape Issue #102

Spring 2020

Nightscape Issue #101

Fall 2019
IDA 2018 Annual Report

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IDA 2014 Annual Report

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Summer 2014
Catching the Cosmos

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IDA 2013 Annual Report

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Winter 2013
IDA Celebrates 25 Years

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Summer 2013
Night Sky Road Trip

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Spring 2013
Observing Light Pollution from Air and Space

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Winter 2012
Observing Light Pollution

Nightscape Issue #85–86

Summer/Fall 2012
Aoraki Mackenzie & NamibRand International Dark Sky Reserves

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Spring 2012
Parks and Protected Areas

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Summer 2011
The City Dark

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The World at Night

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Spring 2010
The World at Night