Light Pollution Solution Postcard Postcard-back-web

Everybody can do something to stop light pollution and now we have a postcard explaining exactly what YOU can do! The front has our Dark Sky Week logo and the back has colorful infographics giving people simple solutions to help protect the night sky.

Front of Light Pollution Solution Postcard (PDF)
Back of Light Pollution Solution Postcard (PDF)

Light Pollution Wastes Energy Infographic Light Pollution Wastes Energy Infographic

IDA has created a captivating infographic that breaks down the data on the amount of energy and money wasted due to bad lighting in an easy-to-understand manner. Share this image on social media, via email or download and print them out to distribute at your next event.

IDA Energy Infographic (for printing)
IDA Energy Infographic (for web)

Skyglow: Light Pollution & the UK’s Changing Skies

This interactive infographic investigating the growth and change of light pollution in Britain was commissioned by Hillarys, the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of made to measure window dressings and sponsor of the UNESCO International Year of Light. Users can learn basic facts about outdoor light usage in the UK and watch the evolution of historic and forecasted trends in light pollution from 1992-2025.

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