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IDA Community Friendly Outdoor Sports Lighting Program Application

Thank you for your interest in participating in IDA’s Community Friendly Sports Lighting Program.

To view the guidelines, click here (PDF).

By adopting IDA’s Community Friendly Outdoor Sports Lighting program guidelines, your community will:

  • Minimize neighborhood lighting nuisance by greatly reducing local spill and glare.
  • Manage high angle light pollution, thus dramatically decreasing off-site light trespass and sky glow.
  • Mitigate neighborhood light pollution and sky glow, which will benefit the environment, the astronomy community, and others impacted by poorly designed outdoor sports facilities.
  • Minimize lumen densities, thereby reducing energy consumption.

IDA Community Friendly Outdoor Sports Lighting Program Application Process

The Program consists of two distinct Phases, I and II.

Phase I – Design Analysis

Phase I reviews and evaluates the proposed field design and, based on photometric data and other information, determines if the design meets the Program criteria. Approved designs will be validated by an IDA Certification Letter and promoted to the community as meeting IDA’s dark-sky friendly standards.  

The Phase I cost is $1,000 per design review. Failed designs can be submitted three times, after which the applicant will be required to restart the process and pay another $1,000 application fee.  

Phase I Summary

  • IDA reviews a facility’s proposed lighting design against established Program criteria
  • Designs meeting the Program criteria will be issued an IDA Certification Letter
  • Review cost is $1,000
  • Designs may be submitted three times for review, after which applicants are required to restart the process

Phase II – Field Verification

Phase II provides the option for designs receiving an IDA Phase I Certification Letter to have the facility, once constructed, professionally evaluated and validated as conforming to the Program guidelines by a site visit. Facilities meeting the design specifications will receive an IDA Field Verification Letter and be provided an award plaque. The Phase II cost is $3,000, however IDA may require reimbursement for travel expenses to certain locations to undertake Phase II field verifications.  These costs will be discussed with applicants in advance.

A secure link will be provided to initiate payment for Phase II.

IDA strongly recommends that applicants submit a certification letter from the design professional or installing manufacturer before requesting Phase II field verification from IDA.*

Phase II Summary

  • On completion of construction, facilities issued an IDA Certification Letter can apply for Phase II Field Verification
  • Technicians certified by IDA will visit the facility to verify that the installation complies with our Program guidelines
  • Facilities meeting the design specifications will receive:
    • IDA Field Verification Letter
    • Award plaque recognizing your achievement
    • Recognition on the IDA website  
    • Public relations support
  • Certification cost is $3,000

*If the design fails IDA’s field verification, a Phase II application is required to be re-submitted with a second submittal fee of $1,500.

To initiate the Phase I process, please complete the following application and complete your secure online payment. To initiate Phase II, or if you have questions, please contact IDA’s Technical Director, Pete Strasser (520) 347-6362 or [email protected].

We're sorry, for security purposes we limit entries to 20 at a time. If you need to submit more than 20 different projects, please contact us directly for assistance.

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