Fixture Seal of Approval Application

Fixture Seal of Approval Criteria as of May 11, 2022

To receive the FSA, all of the following criteria shall be met.


General:IDA's Fixture Seal of Appeal logo that says, "Dark Sky Approved."

Approved fixtures shall employ warm-toned (3000K and lower) white light sources or may employ amber light sources or filtered LED light sources. If other CCTs or mounting options are available for the luminaire, a notation needs to be made on the web page, spec sheets, and order forms that 3000k or warmer, and fixed mounts must be ordered for IDA certification compliance.

For Commercial Luminaires:

    • Photometric files are needed to validate performance characteristics.
    • There is an uplight allowance of 0.5% of total output or 50 lumens; whichever is lower, with no more than 10 lumens in 90-100 degree UL zone. Allowable uplight as a byproduct of the structure and not the source.
    • Street and area lights must have a pre or post-installation shielding option.
    • Luminaires are required to have fixed mounts to ensure they are mounted as photometered. There can be up to + or- 10-degree adjustment for leveling if needed.
    • Luminaires must have dimming capability to 10% of full rating.
    • Light sources shall have a maximum correlated color temperature of 3000K.
    • Luminaires must have Safety Certification by an independent laboratory.

For Residential Luminaires:

    • Uplight allowance: Not to exceed 50 lumens from source reflection or support structures. Source is not visible from the horizontal plane, i.e. the fixture is fully shielded. 
    • Require fixed mounts to ensure luminaire is mounted as photometered.
    • Light sources shall have a maximum correlated color temperature of 3000K.
    • Safety Lab Certification

Innovation: This is to encourage a Best in Class lighting development that significantly reduces light pollution and nocturnal habitat disruption.

    • No Uplight allowance, BUG rating, U-0
    • Dimmable to 1% of full rating
    • Smart controls that meet program purposes
    • No more than 7% of visible emissions in 380-520nm

    Wildlife Tuned:

      • Presently to recognize need of Florida turtle lighting approval program
      • If research proceeds as expected and spectral sensitivities are known, this feature will be in place for future species-specific needs.
      • No uplight, BUG U-0
      • Sea turtle specific spectrum: 0% less than 565nm


    FSA Additional Categories:

    Retrofit Solutions: These can be products that are utilized by modifying existing luminaires to improve their performance characteristics, such as lamp replacements, shielding, uplight control, warmer CCTs, and reduced short wavelength emission, etc. Replacement of the lighting system within a luminaire may make products that were not approved earlier now compliant with our certification criteria.

    Luminescent Products: These are products that emit light by luminescence alone after having been exposed to light during the day. These are typically used only for wayfinding as the light output is low but sufficient in areas with minimal ambient light.

    Signage: These are products that use retroreflection or other technologies that can replace signs that emit light on their own.

    Controls: These are products that will regulate the intensity of a luminaire’s light output, such as by dimming, the times of operation, or for curfew applications.


    The Fixture Seal of Approval Logo Use Guidelines

    The Logo is to be used in association with approved products only. These situations include:

    1. On the approved product specification and ordering documents on both print and websites as a unique image.
    2. On the approved product specification and ordering documents on both print and websites as part of a cluster along with other certification logos such as UL, DLC, IP65, ETL, etc.
    3. In a catalog or portfolio document or a website page in a Table of Contents, indicating approved products can be found in a particular section containing only approved products.
    4. On retail packaging, store “shelf talkers,” in-store promotional materials, price signs for the product, or in advertisements for approved products.
    5. In advertisements for approved products.
    6. When used in association with the approved product in promotional materials by some third party, such as a utility company describing fixtures being installed by them.
    7. In HOA and project specification materials describing approved products.
    8. The logo must never be associated with products that have not been evaluated and approved by IDA or to appear without approved product descriptions or explanation of the significance of the logo, such as randomly placed on a document or web page without context to its meaning.


    Fee Structure

    As of May 1, 2022, the fee structure for IDA’s Fixture Seal of Approval program has been updated. 

    1. The company registration fee is $3000.
    2. Each family listing fee is $300.
    3. A single commercial or residential luminaires not part of a product family will have a listing price of $100. 

    (A residential luminaire is defined as either having traditional retail packaging, sold in retail situations such as home improvement stores or lighting showrooms and utilizing power voltages found in residential housing.)



    • Photometric (.ies) files must be submitted for each fixture seeking certification. Only one fee is required per product family — that is, a group of fixtures having the same body but differing distributions and/or lumen outputs — not per individual SKU or specifier code.
    • Recertification is required when new photometric data are obtained owing to performance changes for candle power distribution that are greater than 10%.
    • Product identification or specifier code(s) must be provided for each listed fixture with a CCT of 3000K or less.
    • Recertification is required when new photometric data (intensity distributions) are obtained demonstrating a change of 10% or more candela at any measured angle.