Outdoor Lighting

To minimize the harmful effects of light pollution, the lighting that is needed It’s a fact that modern society requires some outdoor lighting for safety, commerce and more. IDA has always advocated that the lighting that is required should be used wisely. should be:

• Only on when needed
• No brighter than necessary
• Minimize blue light emissions
• Fully shielded

IDA does not sell outdoor light fixtures. Consumers looking for them should ask their favorite lighting retailer for dark sky friendly lighting or visit the retailer’s website and search under the term “dark sky lighting.” Be aware that some of the results returned will not be dark sky compliant. Use the illustration below to help you see the difference between unacceptable, unshielded light fixtures and fully shielded fixtures that minimize skyglow, glare and light trespass.

Developers, contractors, and manufacturers should consider consulting IDA’s Fixture Seal of Approval program, which certifies light fixtures as being Dark Sky Friendly.