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Join IDA to Protect the Natural Night 

Members support our important night sky preservation and restoration efforts.

When you join IDA you join a worldwide network of people committed to protecting the night from light pollution. You will receive timely and relevant information about night sky protection efforts around the world from IDA-global, you will gain access to free member resources, such as our Nightscape newsletter and outreach materials, and you will be an important voice in the worldwide efforts to protect and restore the night. As a member of IDA, you will be automatically enrolled as a member of a local chapter if there is one in your area. 

Your Membership Benefits Include

  • Timely, relevant news and updates about nighttime protection efforts near you and around the world
  • Access to special member resources
  • Membership in your local chapter. Check out our Chapter network to see if there’s a local chapter in your area. 

Standard membership starts at $35 per year.
Student membership is available at $15 per year.



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